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Baritone/Euphonium Method & Instruction Books

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The euphonium and baritone horn are so similar to one another that they can share method books - which is really handy, since it basically means there are twice as many instruments to publish for, so lots of resources are available! In this section's baritone and euphonium method and instruction books, you'll find all the information and learning materials you need to take your skills to the next level. Whether that means from scratch to the beginner level, from beginner to intermediate or from intermediate to advanced, it's all good: the wide range of options has all these bases covered and then some. Naturally, the most important step to choosing your baritone and euphonium method books is to pick out the ones that fit where you stand right now. If you're new to the instrument, consider starting out with something like the KJOS First Performance Plus Baritone T.C. Book or the Alfred Belwin 21st Century Band Method Level 1 Baritone B.C. Book. For higher-level instruction, check out a collection such as the Hal Leonard Rubank Method, which offers intermediate and advanced books so you can step up as your experience level grows. Along with your standard method books for the instruments themselves, this section is also well-stocked with musicianship and band instructional guides like the KJOS Tradition of Excellence: Technique & Musicianship series. Consider the Foundations for Superior Performance Baritone Bc book if you're looking for a way to help bring the entire band's ensemble performance together. And if it's a general kind of resource you're after, the Alfred Treasury of Scales for Band and Orchestra Baritone B.C. is a great example of a book that any player can make great use of. The first step to becoming the best musician you can be is to get on the lookout for ways to learn and improve. And since you're browsing baritone/euphonium method and instruction books, the good news is you've already taken that crucial step! So don't hesitate to take the next one by picking out your favorite finds from this section. With your own growing library of reference materials, you'll have the written instruction you need to sharpen your playing skills, both individually and as an ensemble member.