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A lot has changed since the 1970s when George Fullerton, Leo Fender and Dale Hyatt founded G&L instruments, but one thing remains the same: a commitment for high-quality, great-sounding guitars can always be expected under the G&L name. All you have to do is browse this selection of options, and you'll see for yourself that G&L's expert team puts a great deal of effort into the construction of every axe that leaves their factory. Whether you're a touring musician or a garage band great, a guitar that perfectly reflects your discerning tastes and style can be found courtesy of G&L. For one of G&L's top-of-the-line models, check out the Comanche Electric Guitar. This was the last double-cutaway, bolt-on guitar crafted by Leo Fender, and is a real-life example of the skills he honed throughout his career. Boasting distinctly-shaped Magnetic Field Design Z-Coil pickups, this killer pairing combines top-end sounds with rounded, robust bottom ends. No doubt, the Comanche will certainly satisfy any Fender aficionado. The ASAT Classic line-up of guitars offer a more affordable option that doesn't skimp on style. Like the Comanche Electric Guitar, Leo Fender had a hand in these as well, through the creation of their single-coil Magnetic Field Design bridge pickup. These pickups deliver a crisp attack with complex harmonics, while the individual brass saddles produce modern levels of intonation refinement. We carry a wide variety of models, so take some time to see which one will work best for you. These are just two examples of G&L's impressive collection of guitars. From country music superstars to hard-core rock n' rollers, G&L has a guitar to suit the playing style of every musician. In fact, country crooner Vince Gill swears by ASAT Special guitars while Journey bandmates Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain have been known to use the ASAT Classic. Of course, no matter what make or model you ultimately choose, the results will be sure to please you.