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Flute & Piccolo Stands

Flutes and piccolos are graceful, lightweight instruments - which makes them easy to pick up and play, but maybe not so simple to set down. You wouldn't want to put your prized flute on the floor, after all, and a table isn't much better (and not likely to be found on a concert hall stage). Fortunately, there's a simple solution to keeping your instrument scratch-free and within easy reach: flute and piccolo stands. With as many varieties as there are here to choose from, you can stand up your instrument virtually anywhere. No matter what sort of artist you are or where you like to practice and perform, there are stands here for you.

Like most other instrument stands, flute and piccolo models tend to be collapsible so you can easily transport them along with your instrument. In fact, some of them - like the Titan Compact Flute Stand or the K&M Piccolo Stand - are small enough that you can practically slip them into your pocket. These can go on the floor or, in the case of the Nuvo Desk Stand for Nuvo Clarineo or Nuvo Flute, on any tabletop, desk or other surface that happens to be close by. If you also play the clarinet, keep your eyes peeled for hybrid models such as the Titan Single Flute or Clarinet Stand.

If you see a flute or piccolo stand here that doesn't fold up for transport, there's a good chance that's because it's so small it doesn't need to. Check out the String Swing Flute Holder for instance, or the Nuvo Wall Hanger for Nuvo Clarineo or Nuvo Flute. These two are wall mounts, allowing you to display your instrument at home or store it tidily in a classroom. You'll also find stands (such as the K&M Flute / Piccolo Holders) that attach to instrument or microphone stands so your instrument can stay right at your fingertips when you have to put it down.

As much as we'd love to hold on to our flutes and piccolos 24 hours a day, there has to come a time when we put them down! And if you're not putting it down for long enough to justify packing all up in its case, then it's time for your flute or piccolo stands to come into play. Compact, convenient and, quite frankly, a must-have for every player, these stands leave only one question left to be asked: which ones will you add to your collection?