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Fishman Guitar Pickups

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Every guitar deserves the chance to plug in for great sound in venues of any size - Fishman obviously thinks so, since they're one of the best-known names in pickups for acoustic guitars. And that's only one facet of all they have to offer, which includes a wide range of guitar pickups and accessories for just about every kind of guitar under the sun. So no matter what kind of instrument you play, when it's time to fire up the amplifier, it's a safe bet one of the Fishman guitar pickups in this section will be more than up to the task. It wouldn't even be out of the question to build up a whole collection of Fishman pickups; how about one for every guitar?

To kick off your search, maybe the best place to start is with Fishman's biggest claim to fame: pickups for acoustic guitars. They come in every form factor, from soundhole pickups like the Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup and the Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup, to piezo models such as the Fishman Saddle Acoustic Guitar Pickup. There are even transducers to choose from, including the Fishman SBT-E Acoustic Guitar Pickup and the Fishman SBTC, if you'd prefer to pick up your vibrations from the top in lieu of the strings.

On the other hand, maybe you'd rather see what Fishman can do for your electric guitar - the answer, as it turns out, is plenty! They've even got signature pickups like the Fishman Fluence Stephen Carpenter 6-String Set Humbucker, as well as 3-packs of single-coil models such as the Fishman Set of 3 Fluence Single-Width Single Coil Pickups, which can outfit a Strat in one fell swoop. Interested in giving authentic acoustic-like sound to a Tele-style guitar? Make sure you check out the Fishman VT Powerbridge as well.

With such a huge variety of different pickups and accessories in the lineup, it's safe to say that Fishman has just about all the bases covered. Whether you're upgrading your instrument, building one from the ground up or maybe restoring a worn vintage find, there are definitely going to be a few Fishman guitar pickups worth considering - so go ahead and get pumped, because your best sound could be as easy to achieve as installing something you're about to find right here.