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When you consider how many incredible contributions the Hispanic world has made to popular music, it's really no surprise that respected music publishing companies like Hal Leonard, Mel Bay and Music Sales offer lesson and songbooks en español. Whether you're interested in playing the electric guitar, piano, drums or the ukulele, this catalog is loaded with Spanish editions of proven method books to kick start your musical journey. Many of these options are paired with CDs that contain audio performances of songs, and you'll even find lessons taught by famous guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Slash and Steve Vai.

So what musical instrument do you want to learn? Are you simply looking to take up a new hobby or do you have hopes of becoming the next Santana? Whatever your aspirations are, there are more than enough choices in this section, but any up-and-coming guitarist will enjoy the Hal Leonard Guitarra De SmartStart - Metodo y Cancionero Guitar Instruction Book. Filled with 26 beautiful songs in both English and Spanish, this book/CD combo features classics like "Cielito Lindo", "La Bamba", "Mi Gallo" and many more. Perfect for beginners, music teachers, family sing-alongs and Latin music fans, this book/CD pack is the ultimate bilingual guitar method.

Now for those who are new to the piano, check out the Mel Bay First Lessons Piano, Spanish Edition Book/CD Set. Ideal for children and adult students, this book teaches basic music notation to help you build a solid foundation of piano skills. Additionally, theory and instruction is written alongside music examples, and the highly enjoyable play-along CD contains amazing renditions of most of the pieces in the book.

And there's many other choices too, so have a look around. The simple truth is that your preferred language to speak in shouldn't dictate how you learn a musical instrument. After all, music is the universal language, and for good reason: it transcends cultures and affects us on an emotional level that goes beyond our native tongues. At this point we'll leave you to do some browsing of your own, but it's probably obvious to you by now that the perfect music lesson book for you en español is waiting in these pages.