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EarthQuaker Devices Effects Pedals

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The era of the guitar is now. No other instrument has ever been as widespread or as popular, and that means good things for those of us who play it. For instance, there are so many effect units to choose from these days that no matter what kind of sound you're looking for, it's a safe bet you can get it. Better yet, you won't even have to look far: with Earthquaker Devices guitar effects pedals, everything you need is right here. Founded in 2004 as a solo gig by Jamie Stillman, this is a stompbox maker that's proven once and for all that one immensely talented person is all it takes to revolutionize an industry. Earthquaker Devices pedals are known for more than just their sound - they've also got a big dose of personality. For instance, you'll only find one adjustment knob on the Speaker Cranker, and it's called "More." And to be honest, that's really all you need to know to take full advantage of this germanium-tinged overdrive pedal. An even more unique Earthquaker pedal is The Depths Optical Vibe Machine, which can make your guitar sound like it's being played 10,000 leagues under the sea. One of the biggest ambassadors for Earthquaker Devices pedals is Dallas Green, formerly of Alexisonfire. He's an advocate of the Disaster Transport line, which is packed with amazing echo, delay and reverb effects pedals like the Disaster Transport SR. Some of the other Earthquaker Devices units on Dallas Green's pedalboard include the vintage-inspired Ghost Echo Reverb and the silky-smooth Hoof Fuzz Pedal... and those are only a few examples of what Earthquaker Devices have to offer. The selection of effects you'll find here is second to none, so no matter what you're looking for, there's an Earthquaker Devices guitar effects pedal to make it happen. From conventional distortion and reverb to completely unique creations like the Rainbow Machine, these are the perfect effects units to demonstrate just how much can come from true creativity and passion. If you're serious about guitar, you should consider boutique effects made by craftspeople who are just as serious about pedals - and Earthquaker Devices definitely fit the bill.