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Dunlop's Trigger Curved Capo allows you to swiftly shift between keys without sacrificing tone or tuning. This innovative capo is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and padded to protect fretboards, embracing instruments with a firm yet gentle grip. The trigger mechanism provides a quick-release action, allowing players to make key changes on the fly.

Ergonomic Design Follows Your Fingerboard's Contour

The Trigger Curved Capo is contoured to match the curve of your guitar's fingerboard, eliminating buzzing while keeping strings firmly pressed. Its streamlined profile means you can perform bends and solos unimpeded. The capo's trigger opens and closes with a simple squeeze, locking securely in place until you're ready to change keys again.

Protective Padding Prevents Scratches

Special padding on the contact points of the Trigger Curved Capo shields lacquered finishes from damage. Your instrument remains pristine after repeated use and during transport between gigs or practice sessions. The capo's lightweight yet durable aluminum body provides a sturdy framework for the padding.

Simplifies Key Changes for 6- and 12-String Guitars

The Trigger Curved Capo's versatile design accommodates both 6 and 12-string guitars. Its adjustable tension ensures even pressure is applied across all strings for accurate intonation and a full, resonant tone in any key. Novices and professionals alike will appreciate the capo's user-friendly operation and high-performance results.

Roadworthy and Ready to Rock

Dunlop's Trigger Curved Capo is a roadworthy tool built to handle the rigors of touring and frequent stage use. Its rugged components provide reliable performance from the studio to clubs and concert venues. Serious guitarists trust Dunlop gear to help them sound their best during each performance.

Dunlop Trigger Curved Guitar Capo Nickel
Dunlop Trigger Curved Guitar Capo Nickel

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  • Made of aircraft-quality aluminum
  • Strong, padded, spring-action grip
  • Works for both 6- and 12-string guitars
  • Unique pressure pad conforms to fingerboard and frets