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Dulcimer Strings

Although its roots are European, the Appalachian dulcimer is undeniably an American instrument. That's obvious from the types of music it's featured in, from modern folk to ballads and traditional bluegrass - and one thing those all have in common is the emphasis they place on the pure acoustic tone of the instruments used to play them. For a stringed instrument like the dulcimer, perfecting that tone often comes down to the strings themselves: a great set isn't just a bonus, it's a necessity! If your dulcimer strings are about up for replacement or if you're looking for an upgraded set, you've definitely come to the right place to find what you need.

As with strings for other instruments like the guitar, there's no right or wrong set of dulcimer strings for you - it's up to your preference which strings work best. If you're a Martin fan, that might mean the Martin M640 Nickel Alloy Standard Dulcimer Strings. Delivering a brilliant and vibrant tone, these are versatile strings that can handle any kind of music you decide to play. Or maybe you like your strings with a little Italian flair behind them? In that case, how about the D'Addario J64 Dulcimer 4-String Set? These strings are designed from the ground up for the Appalachian dulcimer, with a nickel-plated round-wound string for the fourth "D". The result is a long service life and great sound that definitely lives up to the D'Addario name.

There's no better way to get an impression for a set of strings than to hear them in person and get a feel for how they play. So if you're torn between two or more dulcimer string sets, it might be worthwhile to try them both out - you may even decide that each one is best for a certain instrument or musical genre. String choice is totally subjective and nobody else can tell you which ones will be perfect for you, so feel free to go ahead and experiment!