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Crash Cymbal Pairs

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SABIAN XSR Concert Band

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They say two is better than one, and from the look of this lineup of crash cymbal pairs, that definitely seems to be the case! It's not that there's anything wrong with a single crash cymbal in a drum set, of course, but when it comes to marching bands, orchestras and other ensembles that need the added power of a second cymbal (not to mention the versatility of carrying the instruments by hand), there's no substitute for a great pair of crash cymbals to get the job done. Most of these cymbals even come with the hand straps included - but you can feel free to swap them for your own if that will make them more comfortable for you to play.

Of course, it's not the straps that will play the biggest part in your choice here - it's the cymbals themselves. They're available in a variety of materials, weights and shapes, and each unique combination of those will produce its own tonal character. There are crash cymbal pairs to fit any band or orchestra's budget, too, from the super affordable Zildjian ZBT Band Crash Cymbal Pair to the elite-tier Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Light Crash Cymbal Pair.

To start the process of picking out your cymbals, ask yourself what sort of sound you're looking for. If the answer is "high-energy, musical, bright, bold and explosive," then maybe the Sabian AA Viennese Cymbals are for you. On the other hand, if you prefer your cymbals dark and shimmering with tons of projection, you'll probably prefer something like the Sabian Banda Turca Band & Orchestral Cymbal Pair 15 in.

Those are just a few examples of what's waiting to be discovered in the selection of crash cymbals pairs. So don't hesitate to dive in for a close look at all the possibilities. Once you start narrowing down the options based on the specific traits you're looking for in a pair of cymbals, you'll definitely see a few leaders starting to emerge - and from there, it's no problem to go through those top choices and decide which set will have the honor of joining you on the stage or the field.