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Concert Blocks

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From an outsider's point of view, concert blocks may not look like anything special. But as musicians, we know they're actually pretty sophisticated! Everything matters - from the shape to the size to the material and even the finish and, for wooden blocks, how finely they're sanded. High-quality concert blocks are as finely-crafted as any complex instrument, and although they may not spend much time directly in the spotlight, those little accents and effects they provide can add a whole new dimension to a performance. And with the variety of concert blocks available to choose from here, you can find the right fit for any musical style or genre.

As you'd probably expect, most concert blocks are made from wood. That's about where the similarities end, however. Even within the same category, there are differences: for example, the Meinl Professional Wood Block and the Grover Pro Woodblock both sport single-block designs, but Grover has tagged on their BlocKnock accessory to add more sound possibilities. When it comes to temple block sets, you can opt for semi-closed designs like the Ludwig LE-102 Temple Block Set, or open-ended ones such as the Pearl Concert Temple Blocks. The choice is up to you.

Maybe wooden concert blocks aren't really your thing? Or you're looking to branch out even further into entirely different percussion sounds? In that case, start by looking at the Musser LE104 Synthetic Temple Blocks. They're designed to retain a wood-like sound, so they're somewhat familiar while still taking a step away from the norm. If, on the other hand, you'd like something totally different, then the Grover Pro Musical Anvil could be right up your alley. Its sharp metallic sound will definitely make its mark on a track!

If you're looking to get more out of your percussion, concert blocks are the perfect place to start. They may be percussion, but drums they are not - and whether you choose to innovate by making a block-exclusive percussion arrangement or simply to embellish your traditional drums with concert block accents, you'll find the instruments you need here in this section. Go ahead and take a look, and start thinking about how you'll use the blocks to create a sound that's all your own!