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Claves, Sticks & Blocks

A musical instrument doesn't have to be a complicated thing - in fact, some of the most widely-used and memorable instruments are some of the simplest. There are countless examples of instruments that evolved from common items thanks to resourceful folk musicians, and the claves, sticks and blocks found in this section are the perfect examples. They began with people tapping or rubbing sticks together to make basic percussion sounds, and over the years, those pioneers figured out which woods sounded the best, and how to shape them to create different effects. Centuries later, claves, sticks and blocks have evolved into fine percussion instruments that appear in virtually every musical genre.

There are three general types of instrument found in this category, and the first is the kind that comes in pairs. Those generally include claves and sticks, such as the Trophy Rosewood Claves Set or the Remo Rhythm Sticks - 1 Smooth, 1 Ringed. Some of the matched sets you'll find here are a little more unique, too, including sand blocks like the Rhythm Band Sand Blocks Bamboo, which are designed to be classroom-friendly for teaching percussion concepts but can also be used as an accent to a pro performance or recording.

The second overall group of instruments in this section are ones that are played with sticks or mallets, including all of the various blocks. These can be handheld, like the Rhythm Band Traditional Wood Guiro with Scratcher, or drum kit mountable, such as the RhythmTech Moon Block. This family also includes some distinctive instruments - take the Nino Stirring Drum with Beater or the two-in-one Nino Guiro Shaker Percussion Instrument for instance. If you're looking for simple yet versatile hand percussion, there's no shortage of it here!

Last but not least, the third kind of instrument found here with the claves, sticks and blocks is the kind that simply doesn't fit in with the other two types. That includes specialty shakers like the Remo Lynn Kleiner Baby Bell Stick or the Rhythm Band JS1 Jingle Stick, along with unusual finds such as the Hohner Kids Clatterpillar. The bottom line is that there's a ton of variety, so whether you're looking for claves, sticks, blocks or some sort of related instrument, you'll have no trouble finding what you want right here in this section.