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Cello Tailpieces & Adjusters

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If you're an experienced cellist, you know that your cello's playability and sound quality depends strongly on your tailpiece and whether or not it's installed and adjusted properly. Thankfully, some of the most respected names in bowed string instruments specialize in their own cello tailpieces and adjusters and this section is loaded with examples. Give one of these cello tailpieces and adjusters a shot, and you'll be sure to notice a huge improvement in your cello's sound at your next practice or recital.

Honestly, each of these tailpieces and adjusters deserve a closer look, but for the sake of beginning your search, we'll suggest starting with The String Centre Adkusticus Cello Tailpiece Standard 4/4 Size. Made of plastic and featuring built-in fine tuners, this cello tailpiece is a top seller and it's easy to see why. Or, if you play a 3/4-scale cello, go with the Glaesel 3/4 Cello Tailpiece. This quality replacement model fits all 3/4-scale cellos perfectly and it's practically a steal given its generous price tag.

Of course, all cello players should keep an adjuster on hand and there are more than enough examples that deserve your attention here. For example, the Wittner Cello String Adjuster Double Prong on Tailpiece is affordable, nickel-plated and employs the axe style. If you prefer to own a set of 4, look no further than The String Centre Cello String Adjusters. Available in your choice of 1/2 and 1/4 size or 4/4 and 3/4 size, these adjusters have a black mechanism with gold adjusting knobs and have a wide slot for accommodating synthetic core strings.

And you better believe your options don't end there. The simple truth is that a quick tailpiece change with the right adjustment will give you a fuller sound, emphasize your harmonics and make your cello more responsive. So go ahead and pick a tailpiece and adjuster whenever you're ready. By going with this catalog, you've already put yourself on the right path to finding a cello tailpiece and adjuster that's technically effective and pleasing to the eyes.