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Audio Recordings

Musicians are in the business (or hobby) of making music, which by extension means that we're the best-qualified people out there to appreciate the music that other people have made. Plus, listening to and playing along with audio recordings is a great way for us to advance our own skills and techniques. To get started doing all of that, look no further than the lineup of recordings available right here. It's chock-full of great additions to your vinyl collection, from some of the best albums of all time to modern cult classics, and there's also a good selection of educational recordings and even some proprietary media for special applications.

One example of proprietary audio recordings can be found in Suzuki QChord Song Cartridges. Designed to fit into the QChord Digital SongCard Guitar, they're great for beginning musicians who want to feel like they're really playing an instrument even while they're still working on the basics. For more general-purpose educational recordings, check out CDs like the Practice Tracks CD for Beginning Guitar and the Alfred Recorder Express CD. By giving a student musician something interactive to play along with, they make it easy to master basic playing methods and songs.

If you're looking to expand your roster of vinyl records, you've got even more here to choose from. There are all kinds of classic albums to start you out, like the WEA Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon Vinyl LP and the WEA Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Vinyl LP. Of course, you can feel free to choose your records based on whatever criteria you like. For example, if you're a hardcore Dave Grohl fan, how about rounding out your collection with the Universal Music Group Nirvana - Nevermind Vinyl LP and the Sony Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits Vinyl LP?

Everybody's taste in music is different, so it's up to you to decide which audio recordings in this section are the right ones for you to add to your personal library. Whether you're picking them up to play along with, to scratch on the turntable, to enjoy at home or even just to leave in the shrink wrap as a collectible, the choice is yours! Don't hesitate to start browsing and see just how many of these recordings turn out to be the perfect ones for your collection.