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Alto Trombones

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Alto trombones are pitched to Eb (sometimes F, and with a Bb or D rotary valve attachment), and they were commonly used from the 16th to 18th century. Although the alto trombone is not as popular as other members of the trombone family today, its one-of-a-kind voice still plays an essential role in many orchestral, choral and operatic settings - usually for Classic and Romantic-era repertoires. If you've never played an alto trombone but are thinking about giving one a shot, you'll be happy to know that many of today's top brass instrument manufacturers construct high-quality models, including Conn, Bach, Amati and Antoine Courtois Paris.

So which alto trombone is best for a newcomer? We'll suggest the Amati ASL 601 Series Eb Alto Trombone. Available in your choice of a Silver or Lacquer finish, this trombone is affordably priced and features a .453" bore design for exceptional intonation. Additionally, the ASL 601 boasts a 6.5" bell that delivers incredible projection and resonance and it even comes with a durable case and small mouthpiece.

Now for those who are already familiar with the instrument and are thinking about upgrading to a high-end model, Antoine Courtois has two excellent alto trombones here to consider. First off, there's the Antoine Courtois Paris AC131R-1-0 Prestige Eb Alto Trombone. Sporting a .464" to .492" dual bore with a detachable mouthpiece design and a 7" rose brass bell for a rich tone, the AC131R will certainly have all eyes and ears on you at your next performance. Secondly, there's the Antoine Courtois Paris AC131BR-1-0 Prestige Eb Alto Trombone. This version has the same characteristics as the AC131R but includes a trill key feature for even more versatility.

While you're at it, be sure to check out the alto trombones from Bach and Conn as well. Honestly, every alto trombone here deserves a closer look because only the best brands are offered on this page. Today's alto trombones play smoothly and produce a perfect mix of clarity and warmth - give one of these models a chance and see for yourself.