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65amps Tube Combo Guitar Amplifiers

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Thanks to companies like 65amps, the sweet harmonics and incredible dynamic range of a '60s tube combo guitar amplifier will always remain in fashion. 65amps tube combo guitar amplifiers pack an impressive range of '60s rock'n'roll tones into their stylish designs. As soon as you jump into this catalog, you'll realize quickly that you've come across something special - these amplifiers are truly in a class of their own. In fact, plugging into one is like taking a time machine back to an era when every garage in America had a band knocking out three-chord bursts of energy.

With names like the Whiskey, the Lil' Elvis and the SoHo, it's pretty obvious that each 65amps tube combo guitar amplifier has a theme. The Whiskey 45W 1x12, for example, is ideal for fans of the throttled-up sounds that were coming out of "The Strip" scene in Los Angeles. Or, how about The London Pro 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Boasting two channels - the EF86 Colour Channel and the 12AX7 Channel - this amp is a low-powered yet versatile workhorse with a big, British high-gain sound.

Speaking of versatile, the Lil' Elvis 12 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp is perfect for country, jazz, R&B and rock genres. Whether you're recording, playing a small club or on the largest stage in town, this amp packs a huge wallop for its compact size. Featuring three 12AX7 preamp tubes, two EL84 outputs tubes and a single EZ81 rectifier, the Lil' Elvis has more than enough oomph to take your audience on a wild ride from your first number to the final encore.

At the height of the British Invasion in the mid to late '60s, virtually every teenager in America wanted to start a band and sound like their favorite overseas moptop group. The classic sounds that ruled the airwaves during this period are what inspired 65amps to start creating their one-of-a-kind tube-driven combo amplifiers in 2002. Ever since, 65amps tube combo guitar amplifiers have been the go-to choice of rockers who want to mimic the best tones from the '60s from an amp that's built to last a lifetime.