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Venue Mini Fogger Fog Machine (FULL FOGGER)
Venue Mini Fogger Fog Machine
  • Was: $29.99
  • $26.97
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 3.000000
Venue LED38 Par Can (P38LED)
Venue LED38 Par Can
  • Was: $89.99
  • $29.97
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 4.000000
Venue LED 64 PAR Can (P64LED)
Venue LED 64 PAR Can
  • $199.99
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 5.000000
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Venue is more than just a brand name: it's a mission statement. There's no understating the impact that lighting can have on a crowd, and that's what Venue is all about. Different colors add dramatic emotional touches to plays and musicals, and dynamic patterns can really get a crowd moving on the dance floor. If you're a DJ, venue owner or stage manager and you're looking for some lighting and effects to spice things up, you'll certainly find them here. The main part of Venue's selection is the assortment of lights. Their large PAR cans are all LED-based, which have the advantage of being able to set any color you like without needing gels. They also run cool and use less electricity, so you'll save performers and dancers from overheating as well as whittling down the venue's energy bills. If you're looking for something more dynamic than wash lighting, take a look at effects like the Hyperflex 12G, BLG Burst Laser and MLG Green Mini Laser Light. These can all add a real punch to your lighting setup.

Two classic dance floor essentials are strobe lights and mirror balls. Venue has you covered here with the STR35 Mini Strobe and the MB12K 12" Mirror Ball. A pair of pin spots is included with the MB12K, and you could even try aiming the strobe light at it for wild results. For ultra-mobile lighting racks or very small venues, you'll also want to check out the Mini Bounce Mirror. It delivers a mirror ball effect at a fraction of the size, perfect for places a full-sized ball may be a bit too big.

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