Guitar Tremolos

"Made famous by 1950s surf music with its winding, exaggerated sound, guitar tremolos have played a huge role in popular music ever since. Electric guitarists everywhere now see this piece as an essential on their instruments, so ensuring you have the right tremolo is absolutely crucial. Cool in look, sound and style, if you want to customize or enhance your current system then this is the page you've been looking for. So what do you need in a guitar tremolo? If you're searching for a direct replacement for your Fender Stratocaster, then you're here for the Fender '62 Reissue Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge. Fender perfected, this bridge comes with every piece you'll need to refresh your instrument. More interested in a contemporary design with a focus on durability, performance and clarity? Then you'll be absolutely blown away by what the Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolo Bridge Kit with R2 Nut can do for your sound. Almost indestructible in construction, this tremolo kit offers unparalleled sustain and almost no sound distortion whatsoever. As soon as you start playing you'll immediately be able to tell the difference. You'll also find a variety of individual components here too, allowing you to customize or replace any tremolo part of your guitar's vibrato system. From single arms and springs to control plates, clamps, tips, stabilizers and screws, you'll find everything you need in this section to make your guitar play exactly as you want it to. No modern-day electric guitar is complete without a solid tremolo system, and for that you've definitely come to the right place. And because this selection features brands like Fender, Floyd Rose, ProLine, Ibanez and many other top names, you know you'll be getting the best. So take some time to explore all your options... you'll be more than impressed with what you find."