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Telefunken is an originator in the world of communications, both wireless and wired. Founded in Germany in 1903, Telefunken initially focused on the fields of radios and electronics for both public and private use, including working with the military. As the company progressed, they continued expanding their offerings to include products such as vacuum tubes, noise reduction systems and microphones. Today, Telefunken gear is preferred by artists, engineers, producers, and venues alike. Snoop Dogg, ZZ Top, Green Day, Counting Crows, Phish, AFI, Bootsy Collins, The Goo Goo Dolls – this is just a fraction of the artists who make use of Telefunken gear. In the studio, engineers such as Dave Aron and producers like Johnny Rzeznik make use of Telefunken equipment, while sound techs like front of house engineer Rich Vink trust them to get the most out of any show. Even the legendary Fillmore venue in San Francisco swears by Telefunken. With such a who's who list of users, it's easy to understand why Telefunken is so popular, but you may be curious as to what makes their products so sought after. The simple answer to this question can be found in the quality of their gear. Purchasing a new head such as an M80 Dynamic Wireless Capsule or an M 80 Wireless Head for your current mic is a great way to boost clarity and high frequency response. Of course, if you'd rather go in a different direction and purchase an entirely new microphone, Telefunken has you covered there as well. Options such as the M 80 Handheld Vocal Microphone or the M80 Dynamic Microphone are incredible for use on stage and on record alike, while something like the CU-29 "Copperhead" Cardioid Tube Mic offers incredible character and sonic texture that is practically a must-have for any studio setup. Telefunken has built a solid reputation on over 100 years of innovation and excellence. Whether you're working front of house for a venue, recording in the studio, or performing with the band, your stage should not be without microphones from Telefunken.