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Guitar Straps & Strap Locks

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About Guitar Straps & Strap Locks:

Guitar straps and strap locks may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about picking up your instrument, but they play an important role in just about any performance. Giving you the freedom to move around without being confined to a chair, supporting your guitar as you play, straps can make playing your instrument far more comfortable.

With such a variety of guitar straps available, it should be no problem to find the one that is right for you. That said, knowing the differences between straps will definitely be beneficial when you make your purchase. First, you should note that straps come in different sizes. Longer straps are ideal for taller players, while shorter straps are perfect for younger players. You should make sure to adjust your strap so that your guitar rests in a comfortable position, as this will make your instrument easier to play. Next, you should be aware of the kind of material you’d like your strap to be made out of. Straps are often made from leather, suede, nylon and more. Some even include memory foam padding for added comfort. If you’re partial to certain materials, this can definitely help you in making your choice.

Some people don’t care about material or length, they only want to make sure they look good. These guitar straps come in every color of the rainbow (one literally offers a rainbow design!). Whether you want something tastefully designed or outrageously rockin’, there is a strap to suit your style and personality.

Once you choose the strap that’s right for you, it’s important not to forget about strap locks. These clever devices keep your strap secure when you’re playing, making sure it doesn’t come loose and cause havoc in the middle of your set. If you’re an energetic guitar player who’s moving, jumping and swinging their guitar all over the stage, strap locks are an absolute must-have for your instrument.

Guitar straps and strap locks are the unsung heroes of any instrument setup. By keeping your guitar secure, you won’t have to worry about it slipping from your hands and getting damaged. Instead, you can just focus on putting on a great performance for crowds large and small.