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  1. Top Seller
    Peavey Tour TKO 115 400W 1x15 Bass Combo Amp
  2. Price Drop
    Peavey PVi 4B Powered Mixer
  3. Top Seller
    Peavey Backstage 10W Guitar Combo Amp
  4. Price Drop
    Peavey FX2 16 16-Channel Mixer with Digital Output Processing
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  5. Top Seller
    Peavey PV 15PM Powered Floor Monitor
  6. Top Seller
    Peavey Logo T-Shirt
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    Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
  8. Top Seller
    Peavey XR-AT Powered Mixer with Autotune
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    Peavey KB 2 Keyboard Amp
  10. Top Seller
    Peavey Classic 20 Micro 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head with 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  11. Top Seller
    Peavey PV 115D 15" Powered Speaker
  12. Top Seller
    Peavey 212 Extension Cabinet 80W 2x12 Guitar Extension Speaker Cabinet
  13. Top Seller
    Peavey PV 15M 15" Floor Monitor
  14. Top Seller
    Peavey SSE 26 Sanctuary Series Speaker
  15. Price Drop
    Peavey PV 6 BT Mixer with Bluetooth
  16. Top Seller
    Peavey Dark Matter DM115 Powered Speaker and DM118 Sub Pair
  17. Top Seller
    Peavey PVXp Sub 15" 800 Watt Powered Sub
  18. Top Seller
    Peavey Dark Matter DM 115 Powered Sub
  19. Top Seller
    Peavey Classic 30 112 30W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp
  20. Top Seller
    Peavey Invective.120 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  21. Price Drop
    Peavey PVi Portable 300W Compact PA System
  22. Top Seller
    Peavey PV 5300/PVi 10 PA Package
  23. Top Seller
    Peavey KB 4 75W 1x15 3-Channel Keyboard Amplifier
  24. Top Seller
    Peavey RX22 Compression Driver
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  25. Top Seller
    Peavey VCM 3 Choir Mic
  26. Top Seller
    Peavey ValveKing II Micro 20W Tube Guitar Head
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  27. Top Seller
    Peavey Messenger Speaker Stands
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  28. Top Seller
    Peavey PV115 Speaker Pair
  29. Price Drop
    Peavey Logo Cap
  30. Price Drop
    Peavey PVi 6500 6-Channel 400W Powered PA Head with Bluetooth and FX
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About Peavey:

Hartley Peavey founded Peavey Electronics in 1965, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical and professional audio equipment. Since its foundation, Peavey has been privately owned and has grown massively from the company’s humble beginnings in Hartley's basement in the 1950s. Although Peavey Electronics produces a wide variety of equipment, a few notable designs stand out because of their popularity and/or use by major professional musicians:

The 5150/6505/6534+ Series of Guitar Amplifiers - These amplifiers (collectively, the 5150 series) and speaker cabinets were the result of a collaboration with Eddie Van Halen. In 2004, Peavey and Eddie Van Halen parted ways, with Eddie taking the 5150 brand with him. This resulted in the renaming of the amplifier as the 6505, with slightly updated styling but original circuitry. In 2010, Peavey released a new amplifier for the 6505 line, the 6534+. It is much like the 6505+, the difference being the 6534 has EL34 power tubes instead of the 6L6 power tubes found on the standard 6505 amplifiers, giving it a more British flavor.

Classic Series Guitar Amplifiers – This line of guitar amplifiers are made specifically for blues, jazz and classic rock players. The current line of Classic series amplifiers consists of three variations of the Classic model, and two variations of the Delta Blues model. They use 12AX7 preamp tubes, EL84 power tubes and spring reverb tanks.

JSX Series Guitar Amplifiers - Like the 5150/6505 series, the JSX series was designed for a recording artist—Joe Satriani. Satriani was looking for an amplifier that was customized to his style, that had every feature he required, and would work in both live and studio applications.

ValveKing Series Guitar Amplifiers - ValveKing all-tube amps are made for rock musicians, with higher gain than the Classic series. A notable member of this lineup is the Royal 8 5-watt combo, similar to a Fender Champ. The Royal 8, however, has been discontinued from the current lineup.

Vypyr Series Guitar Amplifiers - The Vypyr series of amps are highly versatile modeling amplifiers. They generate different amp sounds, depending on which desired amp is chosen. Some modeled amps that are included are the Fender Twin and Deluxe, Mesa/Boogie Rectifier, Diezel Boutique, Krank Krankenstein, Vox AC30 and a large collection of Peavey amps like the 6505, XXX, JSX and Classic. In addition to these amp models, the Vypyr series amps can feature up to 11 editable pre-amp effects, 11 editable rack effects, on-board looper, MIDI input and USB 2.0 connectivity.

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