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  1. Save 15%
    Zildjian 12 in. Traditional Gong and Table-Top Stand Set
  2. Save 15%
    Zildjian Gong Sheet
  3. Save 15%
    Zildjian Traditional Orchestral Gong
    From $39999
  4. Save 15%
    Paiste Symphonic Gong
    From $1,2240
  5. Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong
    From $84999
  6. Meinl SY-TT40 Symphonic Tam Tam
  7. Meinl Sonic Energy Flower of Life Gong
  8. Meinl Sonic Energy Earth Planetary Tuned Gong
  9. Meinl SY-TT36 Symphonic Tam Tam
  10. Meinl Sonic Energy Sun Planetary Tuned Gong
  11. Sabian 53401 34" Chinese Gong
  12. Meinl Sonic Energy Wind Gong
    From $16999
  13. Meinl Sonic Energy Chau Tam Tam with Beater
    From $29999
  14. Sabian 53001 30" Chinese Gong
  15. Meinl Sonic Energy Mars Planetary Tuned Gong
  16. Meinl Sonic Energy Mercury Planetary Tuned Gong
  17. Meinl Sonic Energy Saturn Planetary Tuned Gong
  18. Meinl SY-TT32 Symphonic Tam Tam
  19. Save 25%
    Agazarian AGZCG34 34 in. Chao Gong with Mallet
  20. Save 15%
    Paiste Symphonic Series Gongs
    From $7980
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  21. Meinl Sonic Energy Sidereal Day Planetary Tuned Gong
  22. Meinl Sonic Energy Jupiter Planetary Tuned Gong
  23. Meinl Sonic Energy Platonic Year Planetary Tuned Gong
  24. Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong
  25. Meinl Sonic Energy Sedna Planetary Tuned Gong
  26. Blemished
    Meinl SY-TT28 Symphonic Tam Tam
  27. Save 25%
    Agazarian AGZCG30 30 in. Chau Gong with Mallet
  28. Meinl Sonic Energy Chiron Planetary Tuned Gong
  29. Sabian 52802 28" Symphonic Gong
  30. Meinl Sonic Energy Venus Planetary Tuned Gong
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One of the oldest musical instruments known to man, gongs have a distinct sound that has played an important role throughout many historical events in South East Asia. Dating back to the 6th century, the gong is even considered by some to be a magical instrument that brings fortune and strength to those who touch one. In fact, the gong is still used in Far East celebrations, leading symphonies and innovative rock concerts all over the globe, and this section offers a wide range of gongs from the world's most trusted cymbal brands. If the gong is something you're thinking about adding to your percussion setup, it's important to keep in mind that not all gongs are made equal. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, and a perfect example is Meinl's line of planetary-tuned gongs.

These handcrafted gongs are made using the calculations of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave) to match the frequencies of the moon, sun and planets, and they're available between 24/61cm and 36/91cm in diameter. The result is that each Meinl Sonic Energy planetary tuned gong has its own mysterious yet soothing tone, and any one of them would make an exceptional addition to your kit. Wuhan is another well-known gong manufacturer, and their 22-inch Wind gong is a popular item. Praised for its powerful attack, focused crash and brilliant shimmer, this gong is also lightweight and fits easily into most cymbal bags. Overall, the Wuhan Wind gong is a great option for school-band members and gigging percussionists alike. As you can see, you certainly won't have a problem finding the perfect gong if you stick to this catalog. The simple truth is that gongs are unlike any other percussion instrument, and incorporating one into your playing routine is an excellent way of broadening the possibilities of your performance.

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