About Finale

Since its release in 1988, Finale has been at the forefront of desktop music publishing. Originally published by Coda Music Software, later to change its name to MakeMusic, who, among other firsts, was the first music software company to offer academic pricing, and pioneered many of the interface elements we take for granted in modern notation software. Finale was also the first worldwide music notation software, available in seven languages and distributed in 30 countries by 2001.

Finale has also been dedicated to making tools available to all musicians, from entry-level Finale NotePad software for simple scores and versions aimed at songwriters to a full-blown scoring tool for complex orchestrations. Playback features were also expanded, as well as the ability to scan and convert existing printed scores. All along the way, the tools have been refined, with increased ease-of-use, music education features (including the ability to create SmartMusic accompaniments), and more.

With Make Music's 2011 purchase of Recordare, creators of the MusicXML file format, and Garritan, one of the leaders in virtual software instruments, and the 2012 release of the free Finale SongBook iPad app, Finale continues to break new ground in music publishing and notation software, as well as providing powerful new tools to aid in online publication and distribution of musical scores.