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Epiphone Wildkat Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Bigsby Antique Natural Chrome

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The WildKat Ltd Electric Guitar is a wild guitar with a lot to catch the fancy of all kinds of players: chrome Vibratone tailpiece for vintage detail, flamed maple top for gorgeous looks, and 2 Alnico... Read More

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The WildKat Ltd Electric Guitar is a wild guitar with a lot to catch the fancy of all kinds of players: chrome Vibratone tailpiece for vintage detail, flamed maple top for gorgeous looks, and 2 Alnico V P-90s for hot-rodded tone. Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, mahogany sides and back, and body and neck binding complete the WildKat Electric Guitar. Epiphone gives you a limited lifetime warranty with your WildKat Ltd.


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Most Liked Positive Review


Blues/Rockabilly Dream!

This axe can do it all! I wanted a new "old" sound and I love the tones this 'Kat produces. It is perfect for rockabilly/classic country, and blues. The...Read complete review

This axe can do it all! I wanted a new "old" sound and I love the tones this 'Kat produces. It is perfect for rockabilly/classic country, and blues. The pickups are pretty good for a guitar in this price range, producing any sound from smoky blues to harsh twang. I raised the magnets on mine because I like more "bite" to my tone. The neck is comfortable and solid, which helps with sustain. I love the Bigsby - you can't get that sound with a whammy bar. Some intonation problems might arise if you use the trem a lot like I do. I corrected mine by adding a roller bridge and a graphite nut, (it comes with a plastic nut - standard for a value priced axe), but using medium guage strings should take care of any problems if you aren't hard on the trem. Also - I thought the factory set the action awful close. I learned on acoustics so I raised it some for my own playing style. It looks great, sounds excellent and I would definately recommend this guitar to anyone I know.


Most Liked Negative Review


Great Looking..but has some problems

Pros: Gorgeous to look at, Sweet Tone, Bigsby Tremolo(licensed) Cons: Look too hard at the Trem & its out of tune, feedback when its overdriven. Be prepared to have to...Read complete review

Pros: Gorgeous to look at, Sweet Tone, Bigsby Tremolo(licensed) Cons: Look too hard at the Trem & its out of tune, feedback when its overdriven. Be prepared to have to make some adjustments to it. I have owned two..the first arrived with a crack in the finish between the F hole and the P90..the second arrived with loose connections at the input jack. Epiphone needs to step up their quality control.

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Pretty but no polished

By Bob

from monroe, ny

This is a beautiful guitar. Everywhere I take it people are really in awe. But the setup is plain horrible if you like low action. I don't know if epi China is having issues with neck development, but on everyone I have played, and I have played about 5, the action is terribly high. I wasn't surprised when mine arrived as a gift and the action was like a 1/4 inch at the high E. Now for chicken picking and rockabilly leads, the action is fine, as I always set my action high; but if you are looking to get a really tight and fast neck, I think you will have trouble unless you take the neck and have some fret leveling done. Still, a nice solid and pretty axe. It needs a roller bridge and nut (I ordered from China) and a solid 75 dollar shave and polish and she will scream. The 90s aren't too hot for me as some others have said. I can see some might want a warmer fuller sound, but that's what humbuckers where made for.

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By roxie

from Mt Orab, Ohio

When I went in I wasn't going to buy a guitar but saw the natural wood and style picked in up at store played it thru an acoustic amp and wow 15 minutes in I had to have her nice action bit heavy but great detail and sound, nice addition and now I play it instead of my Strat on most of our sets. I'd say there's a lot of bang for your bucks with this one!

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Totally Cool Guitar!

By Dwayne

from Livermore, California

I wanted an inexpensive semi-hollow body guitar and tried a few like the ES-339, but didn't like it's feel. After some research, I decided on the WildKat. Originally I wanted the Black Pearl version, but these are sold-out everywhere. Kept looking at the natural because it's really eye-catching and ordered it. The finish is flawless and the flame pattern is really amazing. If this darkens with age it will be spectacular. I'm not a hard player and not in a band, but I was concerned with the comments about feedback and staying in tune because of the Bigsby. I only gave it a simple tune-up, not a formal set-up: The guitar is ready to play out of the box - just needs to be tuned. The tone and sound is great. Clear and bell like, good sustaining. I haven't had any issues with it getting out of tune, but haven't done much with the Bigsby. At first the sound muffled even when going through an amp. But after a little playing it became very clear. I heard a lot of bad comments about the P-90s and feedback, but I can honestly say I haven't experience any feedback. I have the gain set at '5' and sit about 4 feet from my amp and there's no feedback - none. The P-90s are clear! I use a Fender Champion 40 amp, but even with a cheaper Line6 Spider 3 amp there's no feedback. Even when using a 'metal' setting with distortion. I'm stunned how nice this guitar sounds. For $399 this is a great semi-hollow body guitar. No complaints.

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Love it!!!!

By David Kritzberg

from Houston, TX

I had been looking at getting an inexpensive hollow body electric for some time & had narrowed it down to either an Ibanez Artcore AFS75 or an Epiphone Riviera. When I went to make my purchase, GC here in Houston had just received a Wildkat. I gave it a try & really havent put it down since!! GREAT tone!! Really warm & rich through my Peavey Vyper 30! The action is awesome (after some slight tweaking) & the size/weight feels really good in my hands! Mass produced guitars finsih can often vary in quality, however the finish on mine is flawless. IMO Epiphone knocked it outta the park with this one!

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Great guitar for the money!

By William Weems

from Plummer, Idaho

My guitar arrived quickly and I was impressed! But as I tuned it disappointment set in. The P-90's were loose...and as I gently tried to snug them up realized that the screws were stripped. Which is why I only gave it four stars. I contacted support and they replied quickly. The downside was that they suggested I take it to the nearest Guitar Center and PAY to have it fixed! I did contact the nearest GC, and they said no no no! Bring it in and they would fix it or exchange it. So I did just that. While there we found that the neck was bowed slightly too. They fixed it and it's awesome! My wife says it looks like a piece of art on its stand in our living room. I picked up the guitar again last year after not touching one for almost 30 years and I'm glad I got this one! Looks nice next to my acoustic/electric. They made a collateral sale too, since I picked up a Vypyr VIP1 on sale so I had something with a little more poop to it than my little amp that I got with the acoustic/electric last year. The staff at my local GC are professional, courteous,and extremely helpful! Their service can't be beat!

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poor quality control

By ernesto resendez

from mcallen, texas

i hope my case is an isolated incident. how could this piece be sold and shipped with so many flaws? it seems the pickups were installed without pilot holes, there are stress cracks in the finish around both pickups. they didn't even bother fully tightening the bridge pickup, which broke the wood between the screw and the pickup hole during shipping. now the p90 is hanging from one half installed screw. the fret board is separated from the neck at the nut. needless to say another stress crack. another crack in the finish between the neck and body. the binding on the neck is cracked at the fret wires. the knobs sit so far from the body i'm surprised the bigsby arm doesn't knock them off. couldn't even play it after getting it home. the maple top and the binding on the body is almost flawless which is a shame considering how it was butchered. now i have to take it back so they can re-order it for me, but do i really want one now? should have gone with something else...anything else.

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(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Seriously, this guitar sells for less than $400?

By Norb Pranger

from Cicero, IL

This is the second guitar that I have purchased without ever picking up, the first being a JazzMaster. This is also my third Epiphone. The reason I say this is because I was part of the herd that thought that this was just a knock of a Gibson and that they are this cheap for a reason. I couldn't be anymore wrong about that. The Wildkat is everything that I have read about. The tone and play-ability is outstanding.I would have liked to have had separate Tone knobs for each pickup, but I can easily look past that. The weight of this guitar is perfect and it is well balanced. I looked at this guitar for a long time. I love the sound of these P90 pickups. I cant see why anyone would ever need to put $1 into this guitar. I have only had it a few days, so I haven't really got to dig into the reported supposed issue with it going out of tune when using the Bigsby. Which by the way, it the perfect tremelo for this type of guitar. I am so glad not to see a Floyd Rose on there, mind you that I do have another guitar with a FR that I also love. This feels and plays like a guitar that costs 3X as much, if not more. So with my LP Standard,an SG, and now this.....I am slowly becoming quite the fan of Epiphone. I should say that I am not a professional musician, but I am serious about tone and these guitars deliver so much more than what you pay for. Of course the 15% off at Black Friday at GC and a few gift cards that I received helped sweeten the deal to under $300.

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(1 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


well, it looks pretty


from lake forest, ca

It gets two stars for the looks, I mean, this thing is just sexy as can be. Looks wise it blows away multi thousand dollar guitars. Fit and finish and everything on mine was flawless, it was the antique natural. Playability was good, some minor adjustments, but I have all my guitars set up anyways. Now the reason for the two stars. It won't stay in tune, I never use the tremolo bar, and it still was out of tune every few minutes, I don't want to re-tune 1/2 way through every song. Tone, if this guitar was looking for tone town, it needs a GPS. The G,B,E sound was muffled and had zero tonality, which was my reason for returning it. Stay on the E and A you are in great shape. Overall, pretty dont make for a good sound, I would pass on this guitar

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(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Very Flexible Guitar!

By Raul Patel

from Dallas, Texas

Features: I got this beautiful guitar a week ago and it is by far my favorite guitar out of all of the guitars I've played. I was looking at this and the SG g-400 and the Wildkat stole my heart. The P-90's give this guitar a great tone and unplugged it sounds very acoustic-like. I play a lot of different types of music and this guitar can play anything from country to punk rock. The Bigsby tremolo is one of my favorite features on this guitar. I have used it heavily and there haven't been any tuning problems. The grover tuners do a great job of keeping the guitar in tune. I have not had to tune the guitar since I picked it up. The only small thing I have to complain about is that the shape of the cut-away makes it a bit harder for reaching the really high frets (21 and 22).//4.9 Quality & Reliability: I have owned this guitar for a week and I can say that it is a very sturdy guitar. I can hold it and not worry about it getting scratches or chipping if it bumps into anything. The sound is great and everything about it is amazing. It's a good guitar for any level of guitarist. The guitar barely ever goes out of tune so it's a good guitar for gigs. If you play a lot of different music this guitar is good for you.//5 Look & Feel: The guitar is a little larger than a Les Paul and a bit heavier. As I said before I don't have to worry about the paint chipping or getting scratches on it. The pictures of the guitar don't do it justice. It looks beautiful in person. I LOVE the finish on this guitar! The amber yellow front with the chrome hardware and bigsby looks amazing. The finish on the back is actually a lighter color like a yellow-orange and it compliments the guitar very well.//5

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great Guitar for the price!

By Brahmadatt Koodallur

from Alexandria, VA

I agree with all the reviews so far. You cannot beat the features this guitar offers at it's price! I experienced some of the issues that others had mentioned: 1. Not staying in tune when the whammy bar is used. I haven't tried the pencil lead in nut trick yet. 2. It is neck heavy. Other than these, it plays great and you can get a variety of tones for all styles of music out of it.

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