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Restock Epiphone Les Paul Plustop PRO/FX Electric Guitar

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Epiphone's Les Paul Plus Top Pro/FX has all the great features and looks of a Les Paul but adds a double-locking Floyd Rose tremolo and coil-splitting for an amazing combination of crunch and versatil... Read More

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Epiphone's Les Paul Plus Top Pro/FX has all the great features and looks of a Les Paul but adds a double-locking Floyd Rose tremolo and coil-splitting for an amazing combination of crunch and versatility.

In the neck position is Epiphone's Alnico Classic humbucker, which provides warmth and subtle tone with a full, even response that doesn't hold back when you need that classic humbucker crunch. In the bridge position is the Alnico Classic Plus humbucker. A perfect companion to the Classic, it is overwound for a slightly higher output without sacrificing its rich, vintage tone. Both feature Alnico-II magnets, enamel wire, and are double vacuum waxed. 4-wire output on each pup allows for coil-tapping, and this Les Paul guitar takes full advantage of it with push/pull potentiometers on both volume controls. Combined with the 3-way toggle, these give you 8 killer tones in one great Les Paul guitar.

The Epiphone Pro/FX guitar features a Floyd Rose Special nickel-plated tremolo. The Les Paul body is routed out in back of the tremolo to allow for pitch raising up to 2-1/2 steps while the downward range is wide enough to get the strings slack. It's combined with an R4 locking nut for improved tuning stability.

As with all great Epiphone Les Paul guitars, the Pro/FX features a solid Mahogany back with a highly flamed maple top and a solid mahogany neck that's hand-fitted and glued into the body for excellent neck-to-body contact. The neck features a SlimTaper "D" profile that's both comfortable and fast.

Other features on the Epiphone Les Paul guitar include quality Grover machine heads, LockTone Tune-O-Matic/stopbar, and Epiphone's own StrapLocks.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

  • Top: flamed maple
  • Back: mahogany
  • Neck: set mahogany
  • Scale length: 24-3/4"
  • Neck shape: SlimTaper "D"
  • Tuners: Grover
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Number of frets: 22
  • Nut width: 1-11/16"
  • Neck pickup: Alnico Classic
  • Bridge Pickup: Alnico Classic Plus
  • Controls: 2 volumes, 2 tones with coil-splitting, 3-way toggle
  • Pickup selections:
  • 1) Neck humbucker
  • 2) Bridge humbucker
  • 3) Neck/Bridge humbucker
  • 4) Neck single-coil
  • 5) Bridge single-coil
  • 6) Neck/Bridge single-coil
  • 7) Neck humbucker/Bridge single-coil
  • 8) Neck single-coil/Bridge humbucker
  • Bridge: Floyd Rose Special tremolo
  • Hardware plating: nickel
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Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro/FX Electric

I had no Idea Epiphone made a cheaper version of the Gibson Access. I got to jam on a beautiful one today. It has an amazing Gibson quality flamed mapel top. I play...Read complete review

I had no Idea Epiphone made a cheaper version of the Gibson Access. I got to jam on a beautiful one today. It has an amazing Gibson quality flamed mapel top. I play alot of metal and blues. I'm allways switching guitars because of the different tones I'm searching for in each genre of music. The Pro/FX has coil spliters, which is amazing for the pure fact that I can get that single coil blues sound, and instantly jump back into that tight humbucker sound I'm used to. Also, the Floyd Rose tremelo on this guitar is amazing. The alcino pickups in this guitar have an all-around great sound, espesially with the coil spliting ability. I personally am going to put some active pickups in for my style of playing, but I defenently recomend this guitar to anyone who is looking for versatility in a guitar, and coming from a brand such as Epiphone, you won't be disapointed. Thanks is defenently in order to "Jason Davenport", assistant manager at the Guitar Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have to get all my gear at Guitar Center. Those guys really understand what musicains need for their style and needs. Thanks Guitar Center!


Most Liked Negative Review


Nice Guitar, but....

The Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro Fx is a nice guitar to look at but needs a lot of work from the box to the stage. The flamed maple top and honeyburst finish...Read complete review

The Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro Fx is a nice guitar to look at but needs a lot of work from the box to the stage. The flamed maple top and honeyburst finish are nice and the Floyd Rose is a nice addition, but the pickups were the basic Epiphone pickups in all their guitars with a four conducter lead for tap coil splitting. They were not Alnico II Plus pickups as listed in the ad. It's a shame a nice guitar like this has crummy pickups. I replaced them with Gibson 496R and 500T pickups and now the guitar sounds like a real Les Paul (maybe closer to an Explorer). The Floyd Rose needs shims on the inner two saddles since the middle strings fret out when I adjust the action to be close enough to the fretboard to actually play the guitar. Originally I could stick a pencil between the fretboard and the strings at the twelth fret. Come on guys what happened to these guitars are inspected and setup in the US? Also the frets needed alot of work. With the above modifications it is now playable and sounds great.

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This guitar is a BEAST


from Denver, CO

Short Story: GREAT GUITAR for AWESOME VALUE! Long Story: I've owned a LOT of guitars and often swayed to buy what was new but I didn't want to take out a vintage Les Pauls anymore so I tried one of these. This guitar played fine and I could re eq my rig to get the sounds I wanted. It had a super low action out of the box. The Floyd Rose let me dive bomb my strings to completely slack and come back into tune, and the coil taps let me approach getting a strat sound. And for the money I'm not all worried any time some fan walks near my guitar. It's a beefy sound with great sustain. It fell down a flight of stairs in a case and held it's set up. I hear rumors that it needs new pups and rewiring and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt but I'm also not sure who would be able to tell. You can't really go wrong on this.

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Epiphone LP with a Floyd Rose

By Alex Ferree

from Lewisville, TX

I love this guitar. This was my first guitar so I am no expert but still, this is a great guitar. I have owned this for about a year and still plays fine. I have it in a honey burts and it looks totaly and utterly awesome and the same for playing the guitar. (but be warned, the honey burt looks different from the picture that it shows here on GC's web site) As far as fearures for the price, I think it is a steal. With a Floyd Rose tremolo and the ability to coil tap, it is great for rock, blues, and jazz. But with out modification, it is not great for Heavy Metal. I am planning on getting an EMG 81TWX and 89XR set so I could also play Metal. But overall a great guitar.

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perfection made easy by epiphone

By avery McHugh

from Wilmington, DE

i love this guitar the floyd rose is amazing! i originally looked at a ESP:LTD: MH-1000 with a floyd rose, i liked it but the guitar just wasn't my style. i then went to my local GC and plugged into a Fender Mustang III and this guitar blew me away! it was very light, and i loved the floyd rose and hey! it's a Les paul. it's the exact same thing as the Gibson Les Paul Access with out the $3000, price tag. the only thing different between the Access and the Plus top Pro/FX is the coil tapping switches are in different positions. i don't care if it's a "Floyd rose Special" i still love it it sound's great with my Mustang III i deff have no regrets about bying this

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Amazing for van halen and great for ROCK

By jarred henshaw

from hilliard, ohio

I have had this guitar since christmas of 2011 and it has been great, i am in a band and we play alot of van halen some acdc and all the other stuff and this has been amazing for it. im not sure what this guy is talking about when he said it does not have the umff for rock its probably his amp. i have a line 6 spider amp(the $200 one not sure what its called sorry) and it sounds amazing i really think the money for this which is only $500 is more than worth it for the guitar

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Closest Epiphone to a Gibson

By Jason Crispi

from Oakland, CA

After trying out all the Epiphone Les Pauls I somehow ended up on this one. I was stuck between the Traditional Pro and the Pro/Fx. These two guitars represented what seemed to be the best of Epiphone. The Pro/Fx feels a LOT more like a Gibson (it's heavy) and the beauty and quality are top notch. I guess the only thing I'm still torn on is the Floyd Rose. I like the Floyd because they keep the guitar in tune very well, but I don't do a lot of whammy so it's kinda unused. Overall, it was the feel and beauty (even the inlays look way better) of the Pro/FX that superceded the Traditional.

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Great bang for the buck...

By Edward Hermann

from Lawrenceville, NJ

I purchased a Honey Burst Epi plus top pro/fx a week ago to replace an old dead Charvel model 6. I think this guitar is great for the price. Pickups were better than expected, the trem stays in tune, coil taps are good and useful. Overall not a bad axe. Upgrades can be done easy enough to make it even better. But off the shelf this guitar kicks. I replaced the trem arm to an original "screw in" type to fix the sloppy arm issue. These can still be had if you look hard enough. Replacing the covers with solid brass ones currently. Changed string gauge to 11's. I'm not in a hurry to changes the pickups as they aren't bad at all. Will be using this one along side my two Gibson LP's. I have an '84 Silver burst custom & an '84 studio standard cherry burst with Kahler. Looks like a standard LP but with dot inlays. I currently have 38 guitars and counting and I have to say that this one will be used a lot! If you can handle a floyd rose but can't afford the Gibson, grab one of these...

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By Jacob

from new berlin, PA

I've had mine for 2 days and I already know I love it! It takes a little bit for the strings to stretch out, you just have to use the whammy a lot, but eventually they stay in tune. Great sustain, beautiful (heritage sunburst), the tremolo is great, epiphone has themselves a great guitar. I intend to play it for a long time!

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Not Bad

By G. Neville

from small town USA

All in all its not a bad guitar. its got a good feel to it and a good bluesy sound, but it does feel just a little stiff when i play it. and if i want to go for a harder more "metal" tone it sounds horrible. it just doesn't have the umpff that makes a good sounding rock guitar. the floyd isn't bad but as others have commented on, the bar is a little loose and makes a bit of a clicking noise when you press it down. the problem with sticking a Floyd rose on a epiphone guitar is that the pickups are not set up to accept it. you cant set the Floyd rose down far enough to have a really low action with out the strings hitting the pick ups and being completely unplayable, and im not a fan of finding a "balance" between a proper set up and playability. its not a horrible guitar but im definitely gonna trade it in for a fixed bridge les paul

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great guitar

By Jimmy

from Dorchester, MA

This is my personal favorite guitar that I've had to date, and I've owned an SG and a Strat, as well. The sound, the feel, the Floyd; I dig everything about this guitar, and it has kept me satisfied for just under a year now. And this is not some dinky, first-level Epiphone. This is a guitar that could last anybody a good 10-15 years. It's built very well, and it sounds so good that I don't know why anybody would want to put it down. And not only do you get the punch of the humbuckers, you can use the coil taps to get a Strat-like tone. I have had some instances where the Floyd acts a little strange and the tuning gets messed up, but I don't consider that a huge problem. The playability and sound of this guitar makes that problem almost obsolete. It is a little heavy, but what Les Paul isn't? You'll get used to it. I can't say enough about this guitar. If you're into Les Pauls, but also like the features of the Floyd Rose bridge, seriously consider buying this guitar. It's fricken AWESOME.

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Great guitar for the price - beautiful wood

By Johnny

from Albuquerque, NM

I tried a Traditional Pro and took it back because I couldn't get over the flat finish on the back and the looks in general. After trying a Gold Top (too much feedback on the P90 pickups), I saw this guitar on sale and ordered it. The Desert Burst is the nicest and the binding on the top and neck was perfect. The neck has a fast/flat finish. I took it to a professional to have it set up because I couldn't get the intonation set. Turns out I had the Floyd too high (I set it parallel to body - not the neck - wrong!) So $50 later including a set of new strings I went home, did a couple of string stretch re-tunings and now the minor adj. on the Floyd rose has been great for two months. Great sound, coil tapping, Floyd Rose, fast neck, beautiful wood - what more could I want for the bucks.

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