EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar Transparent Amber Quilted Maple Top

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The EVH Wolfgang electric guitar represents 2 years of intense research and development, and a year of brutal testing on the road. With every aspect examined and upgraded to the highest standards, the... Click To Read More About This Product

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The EVH Wolfgang electric guitar represents 2 years of intense research and development, and a year of brutal testing on the road. With every aspect examined and upgraded to the highest standards, the EVH Wolfgang has been produced to Eddie's exact specifications and has features identical to the Wolfgang guitars he records and performs with. The EVH Wolfgang includes a distinctive double-cutaway body with an arched AA maple top on a lightweight basswood back, a quartersawn single-piece AA bird's-eye maple neck fitted with stainless steel frets, double-potted custom-wound guitar pickups, five-piece binding on the matching body and headstock, custom-made signature tuning machines, Floyd Rose double-locking trem with the patented EVH D-Tuna drop-D tuning system, and Bourns low-friction pots.

Another distinctive Eddie-mod is the 3-way pickup toggle wired in reverse: the up position (normally the neck pickup) is the bridge pickup, down (normally the bridge) is the neck pickup.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

  • 1-1/2" basswood back
  • 1-2" arched AA maple top
  • Bolt-on quartersawn maple neck
  • AA bird's-eye maple fingerboard
  • 25-1/2"-scale length
  • Compound fingerboard radius 12"-16"
  • 22 vintage-size stainless steel frets
  • Floyd Rose R2 locking nut
  • 1-5/8" nut width
  • Chrome hardware
  • EVH-branded Gotoh tuners, chrome with pearloid buttons
  • EVH-branded Floyd Rose locking tremolo
  • EVH humbuckers (neck and bridge)
  • 3-way pickup toggle (reverse wired)
  • Master Volume and Tone Controls
  • 2 Bourns low-friction pots 250k/500k
  • SKB case with molded stripes
  • Unique features:
  • Hard mount pickups
  • Magna Coatings paint
  • 2 graphite neck reinforcement rods
  • Schaller chrome string retainer
  • EVH D-Tuna
  • Square jack plate
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EVHWolfgang Electric Guitar

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By Far, The Best!!!

I have purchased every guitar that Eddie has ever endorsed or put his name on. Except for the Fender Frankenstein replica. (Unfortunately, I can't afford that one!!!) But... from...Read complete review

I have purchased every guitar that Eddie has ever endorsed or put his name on. Except for the Fender Frankenstein replica. (Unfortunately, I can't afford that one!!!) But... from the Kramers in the mid-80's, to the EB MM, Peavy Wolfgang, and the Charvel Art Series, I have them all. The new EVH Wolfgang blows them all away!!! The neck has such an amazing feel, that you don't want to put it down!!! The pickups sound great cranked through the 5150 III amp, and the guitar looks so awesome that pictures of it don't do it justice. I am positive that this guitar is destined to become a classic!!! Thanks Eddie... keep the great music gear comming!!!!!


Most Liked Negative Review


Not what you would expect for 3K

This is a great guitar but is it worth the three grand they are asking, probably not. I have owned the musicman axis and the Fender Wolfgang. Honestly I could not tell a...Read complete review

This is a great guitar but is it worth the three grand they are asking, probably not. I have owned the musicman axis and the Fender Wolfgang. Honestly I could not tell a lot of difference in the two. The Wolfgang is wonderful to look at but has the same features as the MM at half the cost. The guitars are essentially the same. Same neck and head style, exactly the same tremolo system, same pickup selection, action is slightly better on the wolfgang, I like the switch position and tone knob on the wolfgang better, but my musicman did not have a tone knob. I ended up selling mine for a PRS custom 24 and I can't be happier!

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The EVH Tone/Harmonic Monster

By David Senk

from Clearfield Utah

Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

I saved and saved for a very long time to get one of these. I have been playing for a long time and THIS ONE is it !!! Every word in the company description of this guitar and the specs are 100% true. The most powerful expression of tone and harmonics I have ever experienced in my life. Incredible quality and precision in every part of the guitar. I've owned this guitar for about 6 months now and I will never sell it or let it go for ANY PRICE ! This thing is a Dream Machine for any guitar enthusiast - It sounds soo good on almost any amp you plug in to but sounds best on a tube amp. I currently have it on a Peavy XXX 212 tube amp - JUST MIND BLOWING !!! Worth every penny and then some ! It would be very hard to be disappointed with this guitar. Just try one out and see for yourself.

(7 of 8 customers found this review helpful)


Exemplary Unique Instrument.


from Halifax, NS

About Me Professional Musician


  • Endorses Good Technique
  • Unique Design Choices


  • Hts Have A Locking Nut
  • Unique Design Choices

Best Uses

  • Playing

Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

The Wolfgang is a interesting instrument. It's not for everyone that's for sure. It will probably polarize a lot of players, but for some (like me) they may never play anything again. Let's get right to the points.

I needed a stable gigging instrument for Eastern Canada (high variations in temperature and humidity). My vintage instruments had become to finicky over the years and are no longer fit to gig extensively. So my first requirement for a new instrument was a double truss.
As a Telecaster and LP player, this was not the sort of thing that could be found easily. I was actually considering custom builds initially, but stumbled over the Fender Wolfgang.

The neck in a nutshell is the make-or-break feature on this guitar with a series of uncommon design choices that will influence your purchase:

- Double Truss Rod.
- Unfinished Maple.
- Smaller fretwire, made with stainless steel.
- Locking Nut even on hardtail (TonePros bridge with the fine tuners on the HT I had acquired).

These choices make it unlike anything I've played.
The double truss increases stability but typically alters the sound enough that many people gripe about custom strat/tele builds in which they've made the decision to go with a double rod. It's no problem on the EVH however, it sounds lively (it's between a Strat and a LP in a nutshell). If you're worried about the sound being damp or flat from the double rod, you're fine.

The unfinished maple neck feels great. It has a Strat profile to it... which is interesting because the older Peavy Wolfgang's had a thinner neck with a more aggressive radius. The Fender EVH feels beefier, but it's still very quick. You'll have to take a bit of extra care due to the raw maple, but it's hard to beat the feel and speed of it.
The birdseye fretboard is good-looking (although not as vibrant as the old Peavy ones).

This is all the more accentuated by the small vintage fretwire. A lot of people will love or hate this feature of the instrument. At first, I was reluctant. It took all of 5 minutes say to myself "this is decent", and the more and more I played it over the course of the following month, the more I loved it. It has won me over entirely now... I will likely not play another neck again.

The fretwire itself is stainless, which can make it feel a little slippery at first for some chord bending, but it's a quick adjustment... and it just makes it feel smoother once you're used to it.

All these neck design choices result in a unique neck that's remarkably fast without the toy-like thinness common on most shred guitars. The action is low and tight with 10s, and the intonation is spot-on.

The trifecta of vintage-sized stainless-steel fretwire and unfinished neck lends itself towards effortless legato very well. It's fast, but it also punishes mitting badly... and expects a precise technique. This is how it varies from it's thin-necked, jumbo fret competition.

If you like the sound of this review try one if you're considering it. It's not for everyone, but it may be for you.

The locking nut was one of the few features I did not like... simply because it means I will need to track down another EVH Wolfgang Standard (as I use two main tunings live). If I played only in standard, or like drop-D (with the old D-Tuna) I'd be in heaven. But here I am, with a guitar I love far beyond any I've ever owned and I need a second.
I can't really hold this against it in a review, as it's a good feature for stability. However, if you need access to multiple tunings in a session... this feature may be enough to turn you off.

The pickups are screwed directly into the body, and this gives you a very interesting tonal quality. It's resonant and loud... almost like an active pickup.
It shapes up (as I mentioned) between a LP/Fender in terms of tone. Nothing too revolutionary there, but it sounds great.
The presence and sense of power are fairly distinct. The pups are a pair of custom Fralins I believe, and they're top notch.

I used the EVH on my Tiny Terror and had access to basically any classic rock sound... it naturally excels at delivering a top-notch brown, and medium to heavy saturated sound.
You can get a nice dark jazz/blues sound, of course a spot-on brown, and a great robust clean. It chords deliberately, and roars with vibrant highs, powerful mids, and thick lows. The combination of bridge/unfinished neck also grant a high amount of sustain.

The knobs are Maxon pedal knobs, I think Eddie has some affinity for their pedals. They have some strange varying-resistance pots to them too it seems (low friction volume and high friction tone I believe).
A superfluous feature that might not be for everyone, but it doesn't particularly hurt the instrument for me frankly.

The pickup selector is reversed... which is some weird Eddie Van Halen quirk feature. I switched it to normal just by loosening and swiveling the selector.

I mentioned the bridge earlier, but I never really discussed it at length. On the hardtails models it's a tune-o-matic by Tone Pros it built-in fine tuners. It's a good piece of gear... and it looks like it's possibly a custom setup for this instrument (I haven't seen this bridge model on the TonePros website).

The look of the guitar is good. I got the trans cherry USA Standard, and was pleased with it. The carved top is subtle (which is nice, because I despise high carved tops).
The binding is very well done.
The tuner are very nice pearloid heads from Gotoh. They look like another custom job specifically for the EVH line of instruments.
A handsome guitar with a simple understated look that plays very strongly.

My only gripes are those I've previously mentioned:
- Can't get a tele sound.
- Locking nut prevent access to alternate tunings (even on a hardtail).

Overall, I'm not a fan of Van Halen, and I didn't particularly care for the Peavey or Ernie Ball Wolfgangs.
This one I love... enough that even after trying it on a whim it moved ahead of my LPs/Teles, and I find myself on my Wolf constantly practicing.

The strong tone, good sustain, and a simply godlike neck make this the finest guitar I've ever played... easily outclassing my other high end instruments in this price range. This however is preference and as such is merely subjective... I like some of the odder choices on this guitar.

Play one and see really. You may come to do as I've done.

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I can't put it down, best guitar I own

By StratSkills

from Third Rock from the Sun

About Me Professional Musician


  • Fun To Play
  • Good Feel
  • Good Pick Up
  • Good Tone
  • Solid Electronics


    Best Uses

    • Jamming
    • Practicing
    • Recording
    • Rock Concerts
    • Rocking

    Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

    I have a pretty good guitar collection, with Strat's, Gretschs, Les Pauls, and more. This guitar has moved to the top of the list, and is probably my highest quality guitar. Candidly, I'm a bit surprised myself.

    The neck on this guitar is as good as any neck you will find. It feels great in your hand, it's fast and very, very comfortable. The build quality is fantastic, like high-end PRS quality.

    The tone of this guitar is hard to describe. It's very lively, it's very rich, very harmonic, very articulate, detailed and very unique.

    I find I prefer to play the guitar with a very distorted amp, but it does sound great when played clean.

    The guitar is kind of expensive, but you won't feel like you overpaid once you feel and hear the quality of the wood, construction and design. It is a very high quality instrument. If a Strat, or a Les Paul is a Mustang or Muscle Car, this thing is a Porsche.

    (5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


    EVH Does it Again!

    By KTP5150

    from Edmonton, Alberta

    About Me Professional Musician


    • Fun To Play
    • Good Feel
    • Good Pick Up
    • Good Tone
    • Old friend immediately
    • Solid Electronics


      Best Uses

      • Jamming
      • Practicing
      • Recording
      • Rock Concerts
      • School Bands
      • Small Venues

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      This is my third Eddie Van Halen guitar, two others being EBMM VH's and it's incredible. Never have I in all my years lifted a guitar from a case and felt so comfortable instantly. It plays perfect, sounds perfect, but the big appeal to me is the neck feel. Definetely a guitar players guitar!

      (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



      By edward e

      from Youngstown Ohio

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      If you like a consistent, solid, and technically superior electric guitar, the Wolfgang, IS THE RIGHT GUITAR. It's the quality, the maple neck, the body with directly mounted custom EVH pick ups... The EVH-floyd rose, with the EVH d-tuner... ...and what about the indestructible stainless steel frets ?? If you've never tried one of these exclusive guitars, well, you don't know what you're missing. The color of the tone, is so sweet and warm, and at the same time you can turn it into a hard rock monster, where harmonics, and crystal clear overdrive...literally kick butt.

      (8 of 8 customers found this review helpful)


      Simply Awesome

      By Kissaholic

      from Foley, Alabama

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      If you can afford the American version, the rounded top is well worth it.
      The sound is one that you must hear to believe. It is so rich and yet dirty when called upon. The drop D tuning is amazing. I was skeptical that once I engaged it I would return to normal tuning and lo and behold it was spot on. The only drawback to the Floyd Rose is that you can only dive. It is recessed so that you cannot pull back any. Very minor issue.
      The wood is simply beautiful. I got the Cherry version and it is stunning. I did not know what quatrer sawn maple looked like but it is something to behold.
      For what you get which is an awesome guitar with the endorsement of Edward, you are getting a steal.

      (9 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


      A+ for Eddie, A+++++ for Musician's Friend

      By Tommy-..Tg4

      from Northern Virginia

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      DO NOT believe anyone who tells you that the Wolfgang Special is "just as good" as the real thing. I have ALL the respect in the world for the Japanese guitar manufacturers (I'm a real fan of Japanese Charvels and Jacksons), but the MIJ Special and the USA-made Wolfgang are NIGHT and DAY.To begin with, there's a difference in heft -- the Wolfgang feels more substantial and the Special feels more toylike. Maybe they're the same weight and it's a balance issue -- I don't know.The maple neck is also better on the US-made: the grain lines run straight and the birdseye is MUCH more stunning.The carved top is SO MUCH MORE comfortable, and the finish quality really is better on the US-made version.And for the guy who says you cannot get the "brown sound" out of this thing -- you forgot that the switch is reverse-wired compared to a Les Paul -- this thing screams like a demon and has perfect, clear artificial and real harmonics!As for Musician's Friend -- when you order a Private Reserve, they treat you like you imagine a millionaire gets treated all the time: personal notes, nice surprises in the packaging, etc.I cannot afford to buy another one of these, but I would if I could. I guess I need to work harder, because I could get used to the product quality and the service. AWESOME all around EVH and MF...I am SO pleased!

      (10 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


      Eddie Van your the man!!

      By Future Shredder!!!

      from Ponca City, Oklahoma

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      This guitar is awsome!! Even though I'm a 50yr old beginner the Wolfgang has already made me a better player. The feel of the neck is Great!and I just love the Stainless Steel frets. As far as looks goes this is a beauty!! I got the Black Maple. On the overall quality it is top notch.It may take me awhile to become a "real Shredder" but I feel this guitar will be with me for a lifetime!! Money Well Spent.

      (7 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


      BEST EVH guitar yet!!!

      By Roland Gonzales

      from Albuquerque, NM

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      First off, let me say I own a Peavey Wolfgang and a Charvel EVH Art Series (3 color striped) guitar. When I received my new Fender custom-shop made EVH Wolfgang, I was blown away just by the appearence of my EVH Wolfgang in Vintage White. When I started playing it, I knew this would be my No. 1 guitar. The neck feels better and more comfortable than my other EVH gutars and the tone is AWESOME. Foot note: this Wolfgang will not sound like Eddie's original tone, i.e., Frankenstein guitar. It is a little beefier or fuller sounding. I still love Eddie's original Brown Sound which I have my other EVH guitars for, but this new EVH Wolfgang is more versatile and can be used for many music styles. All the components, hardward and materials used to make this guitar are high-end products, so I can see how the price could be warrented. But, 3 Grand for any guitar is a huge chunk of change and if you really want a guitar with that kinda price tag, you better be a very good guitarist or a collector who knows an investment when he sees one. I play through a Peavey 5150 II half stack and I'm very pleased with how my new EVH Wolfgang sounds. I gig with this and all my EVH guitars and the new Fender made EVH is my No. 1 guitar with my Peavey as my backup. If you have a chance to try one out, you see just how nice this new Wolfgang plays...Like Butter!

      (8 of 8 customers found this review helpful)



      By JIMJAM-CUa34

      from SC

      Comments about EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar:

      Long time VH and 80s rock fan I recently picked up and dusted off my Gibson Explorer and Les Paul. After not playing for 20 plus years I played alot,got better and decided to get a EVH related guitar. Looked at the Kramer,Charvel then I read the glowing reviews of the Wolf. A new 2010 popped up local so I bought it without even playing it. I know , I know mistake. First off its light as a feather compared to my Explorer. Second thing I noticed is the frets are tiny. A issue I have and cannot seem to get rid of to is I am always pulling off the high E off the fretboard. Make no mistake, the Wolfgang is not a good learning guitar or for sloppy players. You gotta be precise and dead on or face some sour sounding notes. I have a guitar handing low, heavy handed Slash style and this guitar feels "prissy " to me. The trade off compared to the logs I play is that the neck is thin and super fast.I think the comments of the sound unplugged is that of a cross betreen a Les and a Strat are accurate. Running through all the dozen of effects which seem to be the norm today I am not sure it really matters. Quality seems to be great and still on my original strings after 2 months. If you get rough on the bar you will need the occasional fine tune but I am impressed with how well it does stay in tune. The drop D is worthless to me as I will never use it. Overall Its not my dream guitar, But I will eventually avoid pulling the e off the neck and the looks of it are starting to grow on me.I wanted a new,quality lighter guitar with good reviews from players and yes, something with EVH on it.The Special is without a doubt the way to go for players and is the real bargain. I went with the Fender for 3 reasons. Vanity,Made in the US third and third, I cannot say years from now I wished I got the Fender edition.

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