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Gemini DJX-03 Professional DJ Headphones (DJX-03)
Gemini DJX-03 Professional DJ Headphones
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Some people think that "headphones are headphones", but chances are that you're here because you know that not all headphones are created equal. Whether you're just listening to your favorite tunes or getting busy in the studio mixing your own, DJ headphones are worth the investment to make sure you hear every detail and nuance in your music.

There are a few things that set DJ headphones apart from the norm. One of the most obvious differences is their size; they need that to house the big, powerful drivers that deliver the accurate bass reproduction DJs and audiophiles need. They're also designed to be worn often, and for long periods of time, so the ear cups (and, on many pairs, the headband as well) will have heavy padding to keep them comfortable. Ultrasone goes one step even further than that in their DJ headphones, building in a feature called "S-Logic" that limits the physical sound pressure you feel at high volumes—so they're just as easy on your eardrums as they are on the outsides of your ears. Read More >