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Access Virus TI v2 Polar Total Integration Synthesizer and Keyboard Controller

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The Access Virus TI v2 Polar Total Integration Synthesizer is a synth-action keyboard that has 37 keys featuring velocity response and aftertouch. The Virus TI also has Hold and Control pedal inputs. ... Read More

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The Access Virus TI v2 Polar Total Integration Synthesizer is a synth-action keyboard that has 37 keys featuring velocity response and aftertouch. The Virus TI also has Hold and Control pedal inputs. For a longer list of features and its I/O options, look below.

Like all members of The Virus TI platform, the Virus TI Polar v2 Total Integration Synthesizer is the sublime fusion of a 12-year triathlon in sound research, distillation of user input, and the simple desire to create an exceptional instrument. Conceived as a virtual analog synthesizer, it grew into a multi-synthesis workstation which seamlessly integrates into your production environment using Access' unique Total Integration plug-in technology.

This second version edition features 25% more calculating power and a completely redesigned housing. The aesthetically pleasant Virus TI v2 Polar has a winter-white finish, with aluminum and wooden side panels, as well as white LEDs and display, with a wood rail beneath the keyboard.

Sound Design
This second generation Virus TI platform features a wealth of inspiring oscillator models such as virtual analogue, hypersaw, wavetable, and graintable oscillators, along with several filter models and a new-to-the-line Character control for emulating the vibe of old analog gear. A ring shifter, several FM types, and a tape delay add the warm lo-fi sound featured so often in music today. The effects section delivers multiple, simultaneous effects including reverb and delay per part, ensuring your patches sound exactly the same in single and multi mode.

Total Integration
The concept of totally integrating a synthesizer, which essentially means streaming audio from the Virus TI into a plug-in hosted by your digital audio workstation, is certain to make some positive waves. Total Integration is Access' proprietary technology, which seamlessly links any Virus TI model and a computer to create a unified system consisting of a powerful hardware synth and a virtual instrument plug-in, which not only controls the Virus TI but also receives audio from it, in order to allow post-processing right inside your computer. This way you get the best of both worlds. Your Virus TI will calculate all the voices and effects and therefore makes the CPU of your computer available for other tasks. Since it is driven by the Virus Control plug-in, the timing (unlike normal MIDI and USB-MIDI timing) will be sample-accurate, and all sound data will be saved within the song or project. Virus Control also offers sophisticated editing capabilities, along with an easy-to-use librarian page to keep track of all your Virus TI patches. The Virus TI's analog input and outputs can also double as an audio interface, and the MIDI sockets can double as a MIDI interface.

As much as a craftsman depends on the quality of his tools in order to achieve exceptional results, you can rely on the Virus to impress your audience. That's because for the success of artists today, a stunning sonic signature is as important as the unforgettable melody, and the Virus TI line provides both.

  • Great synth-action keyboard with 37 keys, velocity response and aftertouch
  • Hold and Control pedal inputs
  • Winter white finish
  • Aluminium and wooden side panels
  • White LEDs and display
  • Wood rail beneath the keyboard
  • Oscillators:
  • 3 main oscillators and one sub oscillator per voice
  • A main oscillator can comprise of various oscillator types including the classic virtual analog oscillators (saw, variable pulse, sine, triangle, 62 spectral waves with several FM modes) and hypersaw (a multi saw-tooth oscillator with up to 9 stacked oscillators, 9 sub-oscillators and sync oscillator at the same time)
  • Wavetable oscillators with 100 multi-index wavetables, feature variable resolution and optional pulse-width modulation
  • Graintable oscillators apply granular synthesis techniques for independent control of pitch and formants to warp a waveform beyond recognition
  • Formant oscillators sound like running a signal through a massive, modulatable filter bank with hundreds of resonant bands being morphed by the wavetable index
  • Filters:
  • Two fully independent filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop) with an optional saturation module located in between both filter blocks
  • The saturation module can add one of several distortions and lo-fi effects or an additional low/high-pass filter
  • Optional self-resonating MoogT cascade filter simulation with circuit overload and 1-4 poles
  • Modulation:
  • Two-dimensional modulation matrix with six slots (1 source and 3 modulation targets each)
  • Every feasible parameter can be modulated in realtime
  • 3 LFOs with additional hard-wired destinations along with one user-definable slot
  • 2 lightning-fast, multi-stage envelopes (ADSTR) - LFOs can be used as ramp generators as well
  • Effects:
  • The FX section has independent delay and reverb per patch (even in multi mode), along with multiple distortion/lo-fi algorithms, phaser, chorus/flanger, character control, ring modulator/shifter, and EQ, plus a global vocoder
  • There is no difference between single and multi modes—patches sound exactly the same
  • Arpeggiator:
  • Each patch contains it's own arpeggiator pattern feat. 32 programmable steps (length and velocity can be adjusted per step) along with a global control for swing/shuffle timing and one for note lengths
  • Nearly every parameter including the pattern itself, the amount of octaves, and many more, can be controlled using the modulation matrix
  • Surround sound output:
  • Every part can be panned dynamically between two stereo outputs for quadraphonic effects
  • Hardware controls:
  • 32 knobs, 43 buttons, 73 LEDs
  • Pitch/Modulation wheels
  • Polyphony:
  • Between 25 to 110 voices, depending on the complexity of the patch
  • Estimates are based on single mode performance results may vary in multi mode
  • Multi Mode:
  • Multi programs can have fully-independent embedded singles, without the links to single banks required by most synths providing freedom from breaking other programs
  • Memory:
  • 1024 RAM and 3328 ROM sounds, 16 embedded multi patches along with 112 conventional multi slots, 16 parts in multi mode
  • Remote Templates:
  • Turn the Virus into a MIDI remote as the sound engine will still work independently
  • 32 user-programmable templates to reassign most panel knobs controlling control 3rd party plug-ins and MIDI synthesizers
  • Smooth parameter changes:
  • Adaptive control-smoothing provides parameter changes with no zippering artifacts
  • With knob quantize, a clock ratio is selected and parameter changes are updated at specified intervals only
  • The result is sample-and-hold parameter movements, evocative of step sequencer sounds
  • Atomizer:
  • The unique DJ style audio slicer turns the Virus TI into an powerful realtime FX for DJ applications
  • Virus Control is an VST/AU/RTAS compatible plug-in
  • I/O:
  • 6 balanced outputs (@ +4dB), backed by 192kHz/24-bit D/A converters with soft-limiting
  • Two inputs with 24-bit A/D
  • Dedicated headphone out
  • MIDI in, out, and thru
  • S/PDIF digital audio (44.1/48kHz) inputs & outputs
  • USB is used for MIDI and audio transmission (adding 3 additional stereo audio outputs) and works at 12Mb/s
One year parts and labor warranty.

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Most Liked Positive Review


Greatest synthesizer ever created!

The Access Virus TI2 Polar is in my opinion the greatest synthesizer ever created. The sounds are so smooth, and the effects are wizard! I have never seen another sound module or effects...Read complete review

The Access Virus TI2 Polar is in my opinion the greatest synthesizer ever created. The sounds are so smooth, and the effects are wizard! I have never seen another sound module or effects processor that can match the variety and quality of this unit. It is a bit pricy, but considering how much these component would cost individually, this is well worth it. Besides, there is no other synthesizer quite like it. This synth has been hailed one of the most brilliantly analogue of modeling synths available today, and, though I am not a synth collector, of the few I've had over the years, software, or hardware, This one is hands down the best I've ever heard. It comes with a software plugin for use with a sequencer, and it allows for even faster control off every single parameter of the hardware via a USB connection. Because it interfaces directly with the hardware, it takes next-to-no system resources�ۡ����all the processing is being done on the synth itself. The Polar also doubles as an USB audio interface. It has six balanced outputs that can handle surround sound and two inputs. I have a nice interface I use instead, but for a late-night guitar riff idea that I have to remember, it is great! There are no problems with it whatsoever, but the only minor inconvenience is that I never figured out how to change the BPM on it, for live playing. I have used this and the TI Desktop entirely in the studio with a DAW, so I never needed to change it .It synched up very well, but I never did figure it out at a glance. This synth also appeals aesthetically, with its real wood front panel and matte metal sides. The white coloring and grey accents make this a great synth for performing live. It also has an Access logo on the back of it that pulses to the BPM of the device. Nice touch eh? Bottom Line? Sheer Awesomeness.


Most Liked Negative Review


Overpriced Headache...

I bought a Virus TI2 about a year and a half ago from GC. It took close to two months to arrive from Germany (no fault of Guitar Center). Bottom line, what...Read complete review

I bought a Virus TI2 about a year and a half ago from GC. It took close to two months to arrive from Germany (no fault of Guitar Center). Bottom line, what a disappointment. Cons: First off the screen is tiny and after looking at it for an hour you're gonna get sick of it real quick. Secondly, the total integration feature which basically turns the Virus into a audio interface and a VSTi inside your DAW is very poorly supported and buggier than a flophouse mattress. The latency was terrible, it constantly froze up the computer, the keyboard or the DAW. Half the time it didn't work and had to be restarted, and the other time it would just make horrible sounds. Also when it used in simple standalone mode it would make these random springy popping noises that reminded me of someone kicking an old guitar amp that had a spring reverb unit inside. You know the sound. I have two really fast new computers and neither would run more than one midi instance of the Virus TI2 either. Needless to say it didn't support Rendering in the background, only Real-Time Rendering so I'd have to Render to Audio one track at a time which is really lame compared to a normal softsynth workflow. Pros: The arpeggiated lead and bass sounds the Virus TI2 make are very deep and complex. Nothing you couldn't do with reFX Nexus or Spectrasonics Omnisphere though. Bottom line for me this thing was a big waste of money and I took a big loss just to get it out of my hair. I blew an incredible amount of time fighting with the Virus TI2 that I could have been working on music instead. It weighs about 3 times what a normal keyboard weighs, it needs a full color 6 inch LED screen and some hardware and software that function better. Stay away! If you really have to have a Virus just find an older used one.

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bay area approved!

By jesse

from antioch, ca

"Whats great about these modes is that in Seq mode for example, you can tweak any of the 16 sounds and they do NOT affect your original patches ,If you are running at a lower resolution the images will scale in your browser, but not look as good..There is also a good set of inputs and outputs there

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WOW!! What a power house!!!

By Dan Murphy

from Chanhassen, MN

This synth is a power house, I was looking for something that could give me the darkest bass sounds, gritty electronic pads, and its all here. A big price tag, but it is definatly money well spent. If you want a great synth for any style of music this is it!! Remeber you get what you pay for!!

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Elite Class!!!!!

By mike

from Baltimore, md

I played this synth at a studio recently. Great sound (over 2,000 presets of them)!!! You can mix up the synth engines inside (Granular for example) to make very complex, even organic sounds. I's not a bread and butter synth at all. It also has a editor so you can dive deep into your sound creation and manipulation. The three tracks that I used with this synth is amazing! Do a big favor to your music and pick this up. I know I am.

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By anthony anderson

from cincinnati,OH

I bought for myself a few months ago and ever since then i thought it was great the keys fill great and is a MUST HAVE!

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Options, options, options

By Matt

from Pawtucket, RI

This synth is beautiful. It has a huge range of sound. I was glad to learn that you can make a very nice dubstep bass sound with it.

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Great Peice of Equipment!!!!

By sedrick robinson

from Atlanta,Georgia

We have been using this in our main studio and wow nothing compares to this when going all digital!!!!

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awesome peice of equipment a must have

By sedrick robinson

from atlanta georgia

we have been using this in our main studio for a while really I haven't found nothing that compares to this when going all digital superior sound!!!

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just the best

By cesar

from takoma park

is awesome how about the ability to assign a note to a pad by, pressing a pad than ability to touch a note on the keyboard and than having that note on the pad or even assign more than one note on a pad such as layering. I am sure it wouldn't be to hard to do that or to even figure it out. Other than the fact that the cc's suck with pro-tools or the time it will take for me to figure it out, I like the machine it is built well and does what it is suppose to they could of made it easier though.

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By Dylan Smith

from Henderson, Nevada

This is the best you will find. Outstanding performance

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By Coran Henley

from Boston Massachusetts

This is a solid piece of gear. Very rich, warm, and explosive sound. A great investment!

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