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12 String Acoustic Guitars

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Epiphone DR-212 12-String Acoustic Guitar (EA2TNACH1)
Epiphone DR-212 12-String Acoustic Guitar
  • New: $199.00
  • Blemished: $175.12
  • Rating:
Fender CD-160SE 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar (0961522021)
Fender CD-160SE 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • New: $449.99
  • Blemished: $395.99
  • Rating:

The acoustic guitar is known and recognized across the globe for its unplugged style that sounds amazing in intimate venues. From Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain to David Bowie’s Space Oddity, the acoustic 12 string guitar has left its mark on a variety of genres of music. A 12 string acoustic guitar not only will challenge and develop your skills as a musician; it also gives you a new outlet when it comes to producing smooth sounds and warm, resonating tones.

The 12 string acoustic is has the look of a traditional acoustic guitar but its doubled strings allow it to produce richer, more ringing tones. These models of guitars features twin sets of strings each strung from the body to individual tuning pegs. The low strings on the instrument are typically tuned an octave apart, while the high strings are tuned to the same octave to create a chorus like effect. It’s this distinct, choral sound that makes the 12 string acoustic stand out amongst other acoustic guitars.

The 12 string guitar is typically crafted with mahogany or rosewood backs and sides with the top being constructed from spruce. They feature a traditionally-styled curved design, with some models having a cut-away detail on the body. A cut-away body gives the musician easier access to the upper frets, a great option for people with smaller hands or a shorter reach. The Yamaha LL16-12 guitar is made for musicians who are looking for an instrument with powerful sound and great playability. This model has a jumbo body that produces well-balanced tones and can project sound to the back of the room. Its 3-ply neck is designed with a layer of rosewood between two layers of mahogany, making it exceptionally strong and durable. Another model to look into is the Epiphone DR-212 12 string acoustic guitar. This guitar features a spruce top, a mahogany body and a rosewood fingerboard with dot-marked inlays. Through proper bracing and ample support on the neck, this guitar produces balanced, attention-getting tones you’ll love to hear.

From Pink Floyd to Tom Petty, musicians have been jamming on the 12 string acoustic guitar for decades. Known for its distinct sound, this instrument is a welcome addition to every musician’s collection of instruments.