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Yamaha Violins

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Blending tradition with technology, Yamaha violins are known for the exceptional quality, smooth playability and unique designs. Yamaha understands the discipline, patience and time it takes to learn such an intricate instrument, which is why they set out to create violins that truly make your talent shine. While the violin is most often associated with orchestral music, it's also heard in lots of other genres including jazz, folk, country and even rock and roll. Simply put, the violin is a beautiful and versatile instrument that lends itself very well to just about every sound situation.

There are many exceptional instruments on these pages, so make sure you spend a bit of time getting familiar with the features that make each one stand out. Take for example, the Yamaha YEV-104 Series Electric Violin. Blending design specs from both traditional violin and acoustic guitar shapes, this electric violin is made primarily of wood and features a show stopping infinity loop-like body shape that looks amazing during live performances. This stunner produces tone that is smooth, organic and warm. It's also a joy to play, so if you want an instrument that looks great and sounds even better, the Yamaha YEV-104 Series may be the violin for you.

Now, if you're a professional violinist who needs amplified sound for all sorts of different music, set your sights on the Yamaha SV-255 SV Pro 5-String Silent Violin. Inviting you to an unprecedented live stage experience, Yamaha's Silent Violin's feature an innovative dual pickup system that blends crisp, raw electric sound with all the rich, warm tone produced by classic acoustic violins. The SV-255 is meticulously crafted from top to bottom and is one of Yamaha's most exquisite electric violin offerings.

As you can see from the above examples, the Yamaha violins that call this section home aren't your average instruments. These violins blend innovation and aesthetics with traditional sound to create instruments that are nothing short of outstanding. So what are you waiting for? Dive into this catalog and see which of these Yamaha violins are going to best showcase your skills.