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Yamaha is committed to providing musicians of all skill levels with instruments that are both easily playable and high in sound quality, and for proof, all you have to do is look at their impressive lineup of guitar value packages. Whether you have aspirations of making it big or simply interested in taking up a new hobby around the house, learning how to play the guitar is both fun and fulfilling, and a guitar value package from Yamaha contains everything you need to kick off your musical journey on the right foot. So what is the right guitar value package for you? The choice you make should come down to the type of music you want to play. With that in mind, if you're buying a guitar for a youngster, it's often recommended that you start them out with a classical guitar, since their small body shape makes them easy to play, and nylon strings are softer on the fingers. But there's no right or wrong answer, and when you stick with a guitar package from Yamaha, you can take comfort in knowing that everything has been put together with careful consideration to your enjoyment and progression. Now let's take a look at some options. If it's an electric guitar that you're after, then go with the GigMaker EG pack. Featuring a PAC012 Pacifica guitar, a compact 15-watt amp with two channels, a durable gig bag, tuner, strap and many other essential accessories, this starter bundle is the perfect way to launch your rock'n'roll adventure. For acoustic fans, check out the GigMaker acoustic pack. Assembled around the F325 acoustic guitar, this top-selling set comes with a strap, a tuner, extra strings, an instructional DVD and much more. Or, if a classical guitar is what you decided to go with, look no further than the C40 starter package. It includes all of the aforementioned accessories, as well as the popular C40 guitar that plays as great as it sounds. In this day and age, you'll find a seemingly endless range of guitar value packages to choose from. Of course, you can make your decision a lot easier by going with a brand that has proven themselves to be a leader in the construction of musical instruments for over a hundred years. In other words, stick with Yamaha, and you'll be strumming to your favorite hits in no time.