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Vocal Method Books

From country yodelers and metal growlers to soaring solo opera singers and gospel powerhouses, there is no end to the amount of singing styles that exist in the world. The simple truth is that your voice is just as much of an instrument as a guitar or drum kit, and making the most of your talents starts with owning a diverse collection of vocal method books to practice with. These days you'll find more than enough vocal method books to choose from and this section makes that obvious. Whether you're a theatre student, choir member or the leader of a local rock band, the vocal method book for you is sitting in these pages.

Like it was previously implied, any vocalist with serious ambitions will benefit from owning a variety of vocal method books - after all, being well-versed in different vocal styles will only make you a more versatile performer. Of course, every singer has their own personal preferences and tastes, and taking yours into consideration before exploring your options will certainly speed up your search. Another way to make your hunt easier is to begin with the top sellers, and you'll come across plenty of those, including the KJOS Successful Sight-Singing Vocal. Ideal for choir members, this book introduces rhythms and intervals, systematically incorporates elements of music like key signatures and provides you with fun activities and short lessons.

As any experienced stage vocalist will tell you, it's important to have a voice that's powerful when you're performing for an audience, and the Berklee Press Belting - A Guide To Healthy Powerful Singing (Book/Online Audio) is loaded with helpful tips and exercises. Belting is very popular in contemporary music genres like rock, hip-hop and pop. In this vocal method book, you'll learn the facts about belting and what approaches work best. Additionally, the online video and audio demonstrate proven-to-work techniques that will have you belting like a pro before you know it.

Nobody is born an amazing vocalist. Sure, some people have a gift that makes becoming a great vocalist easier than others, but even those singers work hard with skilled vocal coaches before they're a master of their craft. While attending vocal classes is recommended to everyone who wants to sing publicly, you have to practice on your own time too, and these vocal method books are exceptional source material to have on hand during your rehearsals.