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Trees & Ferrules

When you consider how many different components make up your guitar or bass, you could easily say that it's just as much a work of art as it is a musical instrument. Sure, the more noticeable parts like the pickups, pickguard and bridge receive most of the attention, but your guitar is made up of many trees and ferrules that are just as important to your instrument's stability and playability. In this section you'll discover that top companies like Fender and Floyd Rose are well aware of how significant trees and ferrules are to your music maker.

The right trees and ferrules for you will obviously boil down to the instrument you play, since not every trees or ferrule is fashioned to fit every guitar or bass. For example, if you play a Fender American Standard, you'll come across plenty of top-selling replacement parts, including string guides and ferrules. The Fender Replacement Strat Jack Ferrule is also a popular seller; this genuine Fender part is easy to install and very affordable.

Graph Tech is another company that specializes in instrument trees and ferrules; their TUSQ XL Sleek String Tree set includes two of the new sleek Black TUSQ XL string trees, as well as two long chrome screws and one short chrome screw. Or, if you have a guitar with the Titanium Tremolo System, check out the Floyd Rose Titanium Headstock String Retainer Bar. Made of high-quality parts and manufactured to exact specs, this retainer bar works flawlessly with Floyd Rose Tremolo System's double-locking design.

As time goes on, anyone who plays their guitar or bass often will have to replace or make an upgrade to a part on their instrument. But there's no need to "fret", especially if you stick to this section for new trees and ferrules. From replacement Strat jack ferrules to Tele string trees and even parts for Jazz and Precision basses, you're definitely in the right place for the unsung heroes of your axe.