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Tenor Saxophone Cases & Gig Bags

Even the most affordable student saxophone is a pretty big investment, so it only makes sense that you'd want to keep it well-protected whenever you're not playing it. Whether that means waiting backstage between sets, idling at home, driving to lessons or even packing into the van for a big tour, it's always an occasion that you'll need to answer with your collection of tenor saxophone cases and gig bags. There are options here to suit virtually any musical lifestyle, and they're well-prepared to keep your saxophone safe from all the perils that you might encounter on the road. The only thing that's up to you is figuring out which ones you'll need. For your general day-to-day usage, a gig bag is a great suggestion. With something like the Giardinelli Padded Tenor Saxophone Gig Bag or the Gard Mid-Suspension EM Tenor Saxophone Gig Bag, you get a winning combination of light weight and tons of practicality. They make it easy to grab your sax and go whenever it's time for practice or a gig, and with all the pockets and compartments built into them, you'll have room for all your important accessories. On the other hand, as you move forward in your career as a musician, there will be more and more times when you might travel very long distances, maybe over bumpy roads. You might even fly, and have to trust your instrument to airport luggage handlers. These situations demand even more protection than a gig bag offers, and you can rise to the occasion with a rigid case like the Hiscox Cases Artist Series Tenor Saxophone Case or the SKB SKB-450 Professional Contoured Saxophone Case. In fact, the SKB is one of the top sellers - probably because of its handy outer pocket and SKB's lifetime guarantee. Don't hesitate to go ahead and start looking for the best tenor saxophone cases and gig bags for your own needs. As long as you play the tenor sax, the question isn't whether or not you need a case - it's which one. And there are all kinds here to choose from, so you've got access to any sort of protection you want for your instrument: from the lightweight portability of a gig bag to the unmatched durability of a rigid case, it's all up to you.