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Suspended Cymbals

When it comes to a regular drum set, a cymbal is usually played individually with sticks or beaters as opposed to being clashed together with another cymbal (not counting hi-hats, of course). However, in the orchestral world, the opposite is true. For this reason, orchestral cymbals that are played on their own are referred to as "suspended" cymbals, and in this selection you'll find an impressive range to choose from. In fact, brands like Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste and LP are just as dedicated to orchestral percussionists as they are to rock drummers, and they can all be found in this catalog. If you're already a well-versed percussionist, you know that you're going to be satisfied with anything that bears a name like Sabian or Zildjian, so how you start your search for a suspended cymbal is up to you. Still can't decide? We'll suggest the Zildjian Classic Orchestral Selection Suspended Cymbal. Crafted with careful precision, this cymbal's immediate response will blow away anyone lucky enough to play it, while its powerful sustain will be sure to knock the socks off everyone in attendance at your next performance. After you're finished admiring the Classic Orchestral Selection Suspended Cymbal, turn your attention over to the Sabian AAX Suspended Cymbal. Redesigned in response to the demand for a darker tone than current AA-series suspended cymbals could provide, the AAX cymbals have a bright attack and a shimmering sustain. Handcrafted from Sabian B20 cast bronze, this 20" suspended cymbal would make an exceptional addition to any serious percussionist's setup. Hopefully these two suspended cymbals have piqued your interest enough to explore this entire section of suspended cymbals. After all, you never know what might show up and even the used choices are always changing. No doubt, whether you're a band teacher, an aspiring student or a stage veteran, the perfect suspended cymbal for you is waiting right here.