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Super Sensitive Viola Strings

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Sometimes the name of an accessory can tell you a lot, and that's certainly the case with Super Sensitive viola strings. It's not just a title they chose out of the blue - it's the description they aim to live by. Of course, it's up to every violist to decide for him or herself how accurate that is, but it's safe to say that Super Sensitive viola strings are worth taking for a spin to find out for yourself. They come in a few different varieties, which means there are strings here to suit a wide variety of playing styles and instruments. Plus, they're affordable for players on any budget so whether you're a beginner, a hobbyist or a pro, you can easily get your hands on some of these strings.

The top sellers in Super Sensitive's lineup are the Red Label series, which you can pick up in a full set with the Super Sensitive Red Label Viola String Set. Or, if you want a spot replacement or the flexibility to customize each string separately, they're also available as individually packaged A, D, C and G strings. Red Label strings are based on steel cores with nickel windings, providing for a long lifespan and consistent sound that make them a common recommendation for Suzuki Method instructors and independent music teachers. But if you'd prefer a perlon core to get a playing character even closer to traditional gut strings, that's possible as well - just check out the Super Sensitive Sensicore Viola Strings and you'll be well on your way to a classic performance.

Deciding on the best set of viola strings for your needs is sort of like a balancing act: searching for the ideal combination of performance, design and price tag. It's a balance that Super Sensitive viola strings do a good job of handling, with their ability to deliver high-end results along with the option of steel or perlon cores, and at a price point any artist can afford. So whether you're looking for a great set of spare strings for your professional toolkit, or to impress your instructors at an upcoming recital, chances are that Super Sensitive viola strings can help you out.