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Student Violas

There aren't many other instruments that can boast the staying power of the violin family. They've been played for hundreds of years, and they're on track to stick around for centuries into the future. Each instrument in this prestigious breed fits nicely into a specific role, and for the viola, that position is the tenor voice. It's a versatile stringed instrument that's been a favorite of countless composers including the greats, and there's a wealth of music it can play. That makes the viola a fantastic choice for a new musician as well as an experienced one branching out into a new instrument, so no matter which of those categories applies to you, this section filled with student violas is the right place to be. If you're starting out from scratch, your best bet will be to look for the word "outfit" alongside the violas you consider. For instance, check out the Bellafina Prelude Series Viola Outfit or the Cremona SVA-175 Premier Student Series Viola Outfit. What sets outfits apart is that they're complete kits including everything you need to get playing, so they're smart choices for beginners. Plus, those two examples are on the list of top sellers, which lets you know they've got what it takes to do a great job - that's why they're so popular. Another key step in finding the perfect student viola for your needs is to narrow down the instruments based on your budget. The Cremona SVA-130 Premier Novice Series Viola Outfit, for example, offers a good blend of affordability and performance. But if you want to step up to a higher-end price range, you could go for the best-selling Knilling Bucharest or Sinfonia Viola Outfits with perfection pegs. Looking for an instrument that will last you as long as possible? In that case, consider the Nagoya Suzuki Model 2 Viola: it's easy enough to play for beginners, but fine enough to stay with you all the way to the professional level. The viola may be a classic instrument with a distinguished reputation, but that doesn't make it unapproachable. Student violas, like the ones you'll find here, make it an easy and accessible instrument to start playing even for the absolute beginner. So don't dwell on the challenge - focus instead on the places your musical journey will bring you after your new student viola helps you take the first confident steps.