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Student Double Basses

With its deep, robust sound and exceptionally large size, the double bass is a versatile instrument that can be found in everything from modern symphony orchestras to swinging jazz quartets. In fact, many of the early rock'n'roll groups of the '50s had double bass players holding down the fort, and today they continue to be popular in psychobilly circles and with traditional country bands. Truthfully, it's safe to say that the double bass will never go out of style, and these days students have a wide range of models to choose from that are a great balance of playability and affordability. Before settling on a student double bass, you'll definitely want to consider a few factors, including your budget and the physical traits of the person playing it - after all, they are the largest member of the bowed string instrument family. For example, the Engelhardt M3 1/4 Size Junior Double Bass is made specifically for younger beginners. Also known as the Maestro, this bass has durable laminate construction, a close-grained spruce top with maple back and sides and a hard maple fingerboard. Additionally, its 1/4 size makes it ideal for aspiring youngsters who want to give the double bass a go. While you're at it, be sure to check out the Palatino Billy Bass 3/4-Size Upright Bass Black. One of the more unique student double basses on the market, it also just happens to be the most common upright bass size used by adult novices. Other cool features include a cutaway body design for easy access to the fingerboard's upper mid-section and an adjustable maple bridge. So depending on whether you want a crisp rockabilly-like sound or a soft warm jazz tone, the Billy Bass can deliver it all. Learning how to play the double bass takes time and commitment - but when you consider how many musical styles it can tackle, the rewards of having such the skill are substantial. Even if you were to decide that secondary music education isn't for you, there's a good chance your talents will be high in demand amongst any number of country or rock groups. Hopefully the models mentioned above have ignited your interest enough to explore the rest of this selection - by delving into each option more closely, the right student double bass for you will be found in no time.