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From college marching bands to genre defining acts like The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, the sousaphone is a one-of-a-kind brass instrument that's suitable for a wide range of musical applications. Similar to a tuba but easier to play in the standing position, the sousaphone gets its name from legendary conductor John Philip Sousa whose compositions like "The Liberty Bell" and "Semper Fidelis" are now classic pieces. The deep and warm sound of a sousaphone blends incredibly well with other brass instruments, and they're often favored by smaller band students over the tuba since they're not as heavy.

In the world of brass instruments, companies like Jupiter, King and Conn are all well respected amongst band instructors and veteran players alike, and this section includes them all. For a sousaphone that shimmers and delivers a smooth tone and powerful projection, check out the Amati ASH 260 Series BBb Sousaphone. Available in your choice of lacquer or with silver plating, this sousaphone features 3 piston valves, a .717" bore, 24" bell and a tuning slide waterkey. No doubt, your sousaphone performance will turn plenty of heads in the best way possible when you're playing this beauty.

You'll also find fiberglass sousaphones in this catalog, and the Jupiter 596L Fiberglass Series BBb Sousaphone is very easy to carry and maneuver. Sporting a newly designed .687" bore and a huge 26" bell, this sousaphone is as pleasant to look at as it is to march with and listen to. As a bonus, the 596L comes with a deluxe case and a removable valve section for additional protection in between performances.

And make no mistake, these models are just the tip of the iceberg, so dive in whenever you're ready. The time and dedication you've put into learning the sousaphone merits an instrument that was crafted to last you countless years of playing enjoyment - and by choosing one of the models in this selection, that's exactly what you'll get. Try to spend some time here to get to know each of your options better. In the end, you'll be glad you did.