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Ren Wei Shi Violins

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Whether you're a member of a stringed quartet or perform in concert as a soloist, Ren Wei Shi offers an impressive lineup of student, intermediate and professional models to suit every budget and application. All over the world, violinists of all ages and tastes can be found honing their craft with Rein Wei Shi violins. From their exceptional workmanship to their terrific sound quality and playability, Ren Wei Shi violins consistently outperform violins that are in a similar price range, and finding the perfect one for you is as simple as sticking to this page.

So the question is - are you a student, intermediate or professional player? The right Ren Wei Shi violin for you will ultimately boil down to just that. There are options here for every skill level - in fact, the Ren Wei Chi Concert Model Violin Outfit contains everything a budding violinist needs to start their journey on the right foot. The violin in this outfit is 4/4 size and is crafted from selected tonewoods. Along with gold-pinned ebony pegs and hand-applied spirit varnish, this violin is a treat on the eyes, ears and hands. Also included is a Maturo Case and Premiere ArtistCF carbon fiber bow.

Now for all you intermediate violinists, Ren Wei Shi has a beautifully-crafted model that would put a smile on the face of any aspiring student who wants to continue with the instrument. Known as the Artist Model 1 Violin, this beauty is based on the Stradivarius violin of 1715. It's hand-graduated, delivers a rich, bright tone and resonates loud and clear. For additional value, the stunning Artist Model 1 comes with an Arcolla bow and a Bellafina Euro Case.

Along with the Artist Model 1 Violin, the Classique Series Violin 4/4 Size is another gorgeous instrument for not only advancing students, but even professionals who want to add to their existing collection. Anyone who has taken the time to learn such a dignified instrument like the violin deserves to create music on an instrument they can be proud to call their own - and this selection of Ren Wei Shi violins is sure to have something that inspires you.