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With so many different guitar manufacturers in today's market, it takes a truly special company to stand out from the crowd. By using only the finest materials combined with progressive-thinking technology, Rainsong has set themselves apart as the best of the best. Musicians all around the world reach for Rainsong guitars for their exceptional quality, balance, volume and clear tone. If you have a passion for playing and want to reach and exceed your highest level of potential, a Rainsong guitar is an excellent choice. American-based company Rainsong has been in the business of crafting high-end, state-of-the-art guitars since the 1990s. Their biggest claim to fame is the use of graphite in the entire body, not just the neck itself. Since graphite is highly stable and resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations, these rugged guitars are immune to climate change when you travel, making them ideal for touring artists. As well, they don't bend or warp, they have no bracing and don't require truss rod adjustments. And with an all-carbon tone, you can expect a rich, powerful sound every time you play. When you browse through Rainsong's large catalog, you're sure to be impressed with their diverse lineup of products. If you're searching for a versatile, go-anywhere acoustic-electric model, take a look at the Concert Series CO-WS1000N2, which features a deep chamber for strong projection along with a deep bass and a narrow waist for outstanding balance and treble. This beauty was developed out of a collaboration between artist Steve Miller and master luthier John Bolin, so you know you're in great company. If a classic acoustic is more your style, the Hybrid Series H-DR1100N2 Dreadnought has a large, deep body and a strong bass tone for balanced play. Perfect for smaller venues, the rich, distinctive sound of this guitar is made to be heard, even with other instruments on stage. These are just two examples of Rainsong guitars; they have dozens of equally impressive models. Whatever your personal preference, you'll find the perfect option here. Built with the musician in mind, these exceptionally durable and beautifully crafted graphite instruments are sure to impress and inspire, whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years.