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Rack Kits for Instrument Amps

Every touring guitarist and bassist knows that the instrument amps they take on the road require more maintenance than the ones they leave back at their rehearsal space. One of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping your amp protected anywhere you take it is by securing it in a rack case, and these days there is a wide range of rack kits for instrument amps to choose from. In this selection alone you'll find rack kits for instrument amps from DV Mark, Gallien-Kruger, Line 6 and Markbass.

Obviously, the right rack kit for you will depend on the instrument amp you play through. For example, if you're a bass player who is the proud owner of a Markbass MoMark bass amp head, turn your attention to the Markbass MoMark Rack Ears. Designed specifically for the aforementioned amp head model, this 2-piece rack ear kit allows you to easily mount either amp into one standard rack case.

Now, for those who play through a GK 800RB bass amp head, look no further than the Gallien-Krueger Rack Kit for 800RB. Not only will this mount kit protect your head from the rigors of the road - it also makes for a great way to organize your system for easy mobility and set-up purposes. In fact, the same can be said for the DV Mark Rackmount Kit for the Little 40. Guitarists of all tastes and playing styles are familiar with the Little 40's stunning versatility and power on stage and in the studio, and this rackmount kit will hold it firmly in place.

Whatever rack kit you choose from this catalog, the results will be sure to impress you. Like the amplifiers they design, each brand represented on this page put the same great deal of time and effort into their rack kits as they did their instrument amps. Grab one and see for yourself why rack kits for instrument amps are ideal for any guitarist or bassist who cares for the well-being of their equipment.