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Professional Bb Clarinets

There are a handful of clarinet varieties in the world, but none is more versatile (and more commonly played) than the Bb clarinet. Popular with groups ranging from jazz ensembles to wind orchestras to symphonies, this style of clarinet is heard in venues of all kinds, from nightclubs to opera houses. No matter where you play your instrument, if you're making a career out of it, then you need something that's up to the task - and that's where professional Bb clarinets shine. The instruments in this section are designed from the ground up for the needs and requirements of professional players, so you can count on any one of them to support you through even the most challenging pieces and concerts.

Although all of the Bb clarinets you'll find here are professional-oriented models, there's still a wide range of price points to choose from - which means you'll have no trouble matching a clarinet to your personal budget. If you're looking for professional quality with a friendly sticker, check out the Amati ACL 670 Series German Bb Clarinet, Ventus Bb Clarinet by Backun, and the Allora Paris Series Professional Bb Clarinet Model AACL-913. These three instruments make the professional level accessible to any musician, even if your career is just getting underway.

You'll find even more options to tempt you as you move on through the lineup, and choosing the right instrument can be a simple matter of finding the specs that suit you best. Some models, like the Patricola CL.2 Virtuoso Bb Clarinet or the Ventus Bb Clarinet by Backun, have unique designs that make them stand out from the crowd. Others, like the Buffet Crampon Divine Bb Professional Clarinet (or its little brother, the Tosca) blend a traditional look and feel with extraordinary build quality and performance.

When all is said and done, you're the only person who can say which professional Bb clarinets are your best bets. Set your budget and decide on the look, sound and features you want. Do some reading and maybe even look at some demonstration videos from owners of your favorite options. Getting informed will make your decision that much easier - and you'll have lots of confidence knowing in advance that you made a good call.