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Podiums & Transport

While a marching band is practicing in the weeks leading up to a major competition, the drum major has a lot of other planning to take care of as well. Not only is the drum major responsible for rehearsals and knowing the ensemble's music, but it's the drum major who will be conducting the marching band from the podium during the performance. These podiums and transport racks need to be sturdy, balanced and easy to set up, and they are thanks to manufacturers like Bearcat and Humes & Berg.

In this catalog, drum majors will find an impressive variety of podium and transport racks. Even Humes & Berg offers a 120A Directors Chair with Podium that's stylish, solidly-built and very comfortable. Or, if it's a podium that's compact and lower to the ground that you're after, there's the Bearcat 24-inch Drum Major Podium. Bearcat constructed this podium with safety in mind, and the fact that you don't want to distract from the performance while setting up the bandstand. In other words, this podium can be set up quietly and quickly.

And Bearcat's options don't stop there. If it's something a bit larger and higher off the ground that you're searching for, the Bearcat 6-foot Drum Major Podium certainly merits a closer look. Featuring ladders at each end and removable safety rails on all four sides, this 4 x 6 platform is a cinch to assemble and fold up for easy storage.

Whatever you're looking for in a podium or transport rack, you can bet that any choice here will impress you. The reason is because these podiums and transport racks are designed by companies who know how important your role is as a drum major, and your comfort and safety are top priorities during every step of their design and construction.