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Music & Movement Education for Children

If you want to earn the title of "coolest teacher in the school," coming up with music and movement education activities for the children in your classes will definitely make you a front-runner for that coveted title. Playing games, dancing and encouraging movement in the classroom won't only engage and energize your students, it will get them excited about learning. The music and movement education for children books and CDs found here give you the opportunity to seamlessly incorporate music education and a whole lot of fun into your lesson planning.

It goes without saying that in order to hold the attention of very young students, materials developed especially for their age group are needed. Take for example, the Alfred Kids Make Music Series: Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move! Book/CD. This preschool to elementary-level teaching aid features 25 orchestral CD tracks and comes with creative lessons for moving, listening and playing different instruments. Another great resource geared towards younger children is Kimbo's Dances for Little People CD. This teaching tool has six original, fully-orchestrated songs that motivate children to move, groove and get a little silly.

If you're teaching older elementary students, check out books from the Alfred Rhythm and Movement WB Dance Series. Each set includes two dance tunes, with lyrics, choreography and a CD with the entire performance and separate accompaniment tracks. From golden oldies like "Old Time Rock & Roll" and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," to more recent pop hits from artists like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, the songs in these books will get your entire class on their feet and moving.

While you're browsing these pages of music and movement education resources for children one thing to remember is that the musical foundation you lay out for your students will go far beyond their elementary and middle school years. If you want to get your students interested about music and ensure they stay interested, any one of these music and movement education for children books and CDs offers the perfect place to get started.