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In the world of music, there's definitely no shortage of tools. They run the gamut from commonplace things that are owned by just about every musician all the way to rare niche and specialty tools that are used for very specific things. The one rule that always holds is that you should use the right tool for the job - so if that job is a special one, you may need one of the multi-function tools found here to get it done with a minimum of fuss. Home to a selection of unique, exotic and just plain interesting tools for musicians of all kinds, this section is the place to start looking if you have a job that calls for a special touch.

In some cases, a task might not even exist until you've got a tool that can take it on - and after that, you might wonder how you lived without it! A great example of that is the Pick Punch Standard 351. Why buy picks when you have perfectly good pieces of plastic just lying around? Take this punch and turn your expired cards into homemade guitar picks quickly and easily.

When it comes to working on fine instruments, sometimes a delicate touch is required. That's definitely the case with the Valentino Spring Hook Tool, which has a push-pull spring hook on one side to make placement and adjustment of finicky springs an easy task. On the other end, the hook features a scraper tool so you can clear out every last bit of dried adhesive from the cups when you're changing pads. Even a seemingly-rough task like hammering out dents can be taken lightly: just look at the Allied Music Supply Rawhide Mallet. Its non-marring head won't damage your instrument's finish, so it's the perfect choice when you need to give a finished surface or stubborn component a firm touch of persuasion.

No matter the job, getting it done right is always easier with purpose-built tools. Before you consider trying to wing it with something that's "good enough," you should definitely have a look through this lineup of multi-function tools to see if there's an even better way. Taking the best course available to you, by choosing the right tool for the job, is one of the simplest things you can do to ensure your instruments stay in showroom shape.