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Mellophone Mouthpieces

The mellophone's important role in marching bands and drum and bugle corps cannot be overstated. Although the instrument is very similar to the French horn, mellophones are actually the better choice in outside, open-air environments because their bells face forward instead of to the back (or side). Like all brass instruments, the mellophone's playability and boisterous volume starts at its mouthpiece, and in this selection you'll find plenty of mellophone mouthpieces to suit every taste and price range.

So what kind of sound are you hoping to achieve from your mellophone? A warm, full tone, or a bright sound that's similar to a trumpet? This is definitely a question to ask yourself before settling on any particular mouthpiece. If you're a student and budget is your main concern, you might want to consider a generously-priced model like the Blessing Mellophone Mouthpiece. Ideal for concert band members, this economical mellophone mouthpiece is a terrific size for most student players.

Or, if you're a marching band player who wants a mouthpiece that has amazing intonation and ease of response in the high and low registers, check out the Bach Mellophone Mouthpiece in Silver. Available in many styles (which can be selected from the drop-down menu), these mouthpieces have a rich, uniform timbre and deliver all the volume a marching mellophone player needs. Now for all you advanced mellophone players who want a mouthpiece that matches your years of experience, go with the Tama by Kanstul Mellophone Mouthpiece TM6. Boasting a smaller hybrid cornet throat and backbore for more power and greater airflow, this mouthpiece will have your talents fully realized when you're out on the field doing what you do best.

Your mellophone's tone, range and intonation depends heavily on the mouthpiece you ultimately choose. With that being said, finding one that suits your playing style and sound preferences will be a breeze if you stick to this catalog. The mellophone mouthpieces here come from top brass mouthpiece manufacturers like Bach, Blessing and Tama by Kanstul - so any choice you make will be a great one.