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Martin Guitar Strings

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They say experience is the best teacher, and C.F. Martin is definitely the company to prove it. They've got almost two centuries of practice building impressive products for guitarists - a history that has contributed plenty to the quality of Martin guitar strings today. Getting the best possible tone out of your guitar depends on having a great set of strings fitted, and these sets will sound world-class on Martin instruments as well as any other guitars in your collection. Martin is all about acoustic guitars, and so are their strings. Phosphor-bronze accounts for the biggest share of the lineup, which makes sense considering they're the most popular kind of acoustic guitar strings. They come in all of the gauges you could ask for, and Martin has been kind enough to put together some bulk packages, as well, to make stocking up a cinch. Do you like to show off your fancy finger work with a super-agile set of strings? If so, check out Martin's FX Flexible Core series. Whether you like bronze, phosphor-bronze or silk-and-phosphor for your strings, this line has your style. They're flexible enough to make short work of the most intricate passages, so they're a solid choice for the technical guitarist. Another set to look at for its nimble playability is the Martin Bluegrass, which delivers amazing strings for folk and traditional playing styles. If Martin's string catalog was a cake, their signature sets would be the icing. Clapton fans, for example, can get the tone they need to follow in his legendary footsteps with the phosphor-bronze Clapton's Choice strings. Or, if you like a vintage quality in your sound, consider the Tony Rice Signature Acoustic Guitar Strings for a more traditional character. Whichever kind of string is right for your preferences, you can't go wrong by choosing from the Martin lineup of guitar strings. They've got a lot to offer here, ensuring that any acoustic player can find their ideal combination of material, gauge and style.