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When you're looking for a new set of strings for your acoustic guitar, why look anywhere else than the biggest name in the instrument itself? With a history going back well into the 1800s, Martin has more than their fair share of experience with all things guitar. So it only makes sense that their lineup includes an impressive variety of string sets, with options for any instrument and playing style. The ingredients of a perfect guitar string are playability, durability, tone and feel - and Martin acoustic guitar strings are made with the close attention to detail they need to deliver on every one of those fronts. The first step toward picking out your new set of acoustic strings is to decide what kind you need. Fortunately, Martin makes this straightforward by telling you exactly what each set is made to play. For example, are you a bluegrass strummer? If so, the M240 80/20 Bronze Round Wound Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings ought to be right up your alley. Maybe you're into blues or fingerstyle? In that case, check out the Flexible Core series, like the Martin FX740 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Light Guitar Strings. These sets feature a thinner core wire that makes them smooth and pliable, for tons of control. Would you like to follow in the footsteps of a legendary guitarist? If so, you should also consider some of Martin's signature acoustic strings. Take the MEC12 Clapton's Choice Phosphor Bronze Light set, for instance. Designed to meet Eric Clapton's high demands in the studio as well as onstage, these strings are bursting with clear, warm tone and plenty of brightness. They're the perfect way to go if you're looking for expressive strings that can help you bring out the best in your playing style. There are dozens of Martin acoustic guitar strings here to choose from, so we've only scratched the surface of all the options. The simple truth is that you're bound to find the right fit in this section, so don't hesitate to start looking! Whether you like bronze, phosphor-bronze, silk and phosphor, nylon or something even more special, Martin has no shortage of sets to offer.