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Marshall Guitar Amplifier Stacks

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Lots of manufacturers like to claim that their products set the standard in their field, but how many of them are telling the truth? With Marshall, we can safely say that there's at least one. Over the years, we've lost count of the number of amp builders that have tried to duplicate Marshall guitar amp stacks – and all you really need to know is that none have managed to pull it off. Marshall amps have been renowned for their signature "crunch" for more than five decades, and it's still unmatched today. Anyone who has listened to AC/DC (and, really, that's probably everyone) should have an idea what Marshall guitar amp stacks can do. The 1959SLP Vintage Series Tube Head and 1960BX cabinet are mainstays in Mal Young's setup, and you can get them both right here in the 1959SLP, 1960AX and 1960BX Tube Guitar Full Stack. It's a 100-watt powerhouse built around four EL34 and three ECC83 preamp tubes - the same ones you'd find in the renowned Marshall heads from the late '60s. A stack like this is the closest you can get to Mal Young's setup without stealing the real thing. Maybe you'd like a heavier sound like, say, Children of Bodom? Alexi Laiho is another guitarist who rocks a Marshall stack, playing the JVM410H head on a 1960B cabinet. You can get the exact same setup here in a ready-made half stack, or even a full-stack version that includes the 1960AV cabinet as well. You'd be adding your name to a long list of guitar heroes who swear by this setup: aside from Alexi Laiho, that roster also includes Phil Campbell of Motorhead and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden. Like any amplifier, choosing a Marshall guitar amp stack comes down to your own individual preferences. Do you want to a classic sound or a modern one? How about getting yourself noticed onstage with the Custom Tattoo series, which feature artwork by renowned tattoo artists like Phil Kyle and Vicky Morgan? It's all about what you want in an amplifier stack; the one thing that can be said without question, though, is that you've got good taste in amps if what you want is a Marshall.
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