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Marching Xylophones

Marching bands come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it only makes sense for their instruments to do the same. As far as marching xylophones go, it's easy to tell them apart from their stage counterparts at a glance, because they're a lot smaller - all the better to strap one to a harness and carry it around a field, though they're also available for cart mounting to suit bands featuring a front ensemble. The uses for marching xylophones are as varied as the bands that play them: for instance, some groups work best featuring them as a rhythmic accent, while others may use them to carry the melody. Does your band fall into one of these categories, or do you mix in the marching xylophone in a different way altogether?

No matter how you put this instrument to work in your band, there are some great options here to choose from. For the most part, picking out a marching xylophone is going to depend on how you plan to mount it. Looking for a model that's easy to carry? The Musser M66 2.5 Octave Marching Xylophone Mallet Percussion includes a carrier, so it's ready to go. Prefer to wheel it into the front ensemble? In that case, check out the Musser M8067 2.5 Octave Marching Xylophone with 8005 Cart. Or, if you'd prefer to outfit the instrument with your own mounting or carrying gear, you could go for the straightforward Musser Marching Xylophone without carrier and resonators.

It's up to you and your band how to integrate marching xylophones into your performance, and any option is the right one as long as it suits the ensemble. While you're at it, don't forget to address the instrument's travel needs too, with a case like the Adams Academy Series Xylophone Soft Case with Wheels. Then, accessorize with a good variety of percussion mallets for a customized tone and you'll be ready to hit the field, concert hall or parade square!